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What does this orange sticker mean?

What does this orange sticker mean? - Campbelltown City Council

If you get a bright orange sticker on your bin it means that there are things in the bin that shouldn’t be in there – this is called ‘contamination’.

If your bin has a sticker on it, it will not get emptied.

An inspection officer checks recycling and garden organics bins to make sure they have the right things in them before they get emptied.

This helps prevent entire truck loads of recyclables or garden organics from becoming contaminated and sent to landfill.

What if I get an orange sticker on my bin?

To get your bin emptied, check the sticker to see what the problem is, then remove the contamination from your bin.

Then call us on 4645 4000 and let us know you’ve fixed the contamination. Once you let us know, we’ll be back to empty your bin within 2 working days.

Why is contamination a problem?

It’s important that you put the right things in each of your bins.

This is because putting the wrong things in your recycling or garden organics bins can cause an entire load of recyclables or garden organics to be sent to landfill, which is bad for the environment, and also costs ratepayers more.

Putting the wrong things in your bins can also increase the chances of workers being injured because the waste is partly sorted by hand.