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Campbelltown LGA Statistics

From the 2016 Census of Population and Housing, Campbelltown's statisitcs show that:


  • Almost 35.7% of residents are aged 0 to 24 years
  • 34.3% are aged 25 to 49 years
  • 17.4% are aged 60 or more (this figure will continue to increase as our community matures)


  • More than 31.4% of the city’s population were born overseas
  • 24.4% are from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • The most common languages spoken after English are Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Filipino/Tagolog, and Samoan
  • We still have one of the largest populations (5,967) of people identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW

Work and place of work

  • 48.7% of people who work in Campbelltown City also live in the area
  • 76,052 people living in Campbelltown City are currently employed, of which 62.1% are working full time and 35.6% part time
  • 7.9% of people living in Campbelltown City are currently unemployed
  • The three most popular industries in Campbelltown City are health care and social assistance (16.1%), manufacturing (15.9%) and retail trade (12.8%)
  • The three most popular occupations held by those living in Campbelltown City are professionals (18.6%), clerical and administrative workers (12.5%) and technicians and trades workers (12.4%)
  • 13.2% of the population of Campbelltown City earned a high income (more than $1,750 per week) and 19.1% earned a low income (less than $500 per week)


  • 15.3% of people in Campbelltown City have obtained a bachelor or higher degree
  • 20.5% of people in Campbelltown City have vocational qualifications
  • 46% of people in Campbelltown City have no qualifications
  • In Campbelltown City 44.3% of people aged over 15 years have completed Year 12 schooling (or equivalant) Compared to 52.7% of people aged over 15 years in Greater Western Sydney


  • 38% of couples living in Campbelltown City have children
  • 17.5% of households in Campbelltown City contain only one person
  • 20.1% of couples living in Campbelltown do not have children


  • 61.4% of people in Campbelltown City drive a car as a method of transport to work, with 5.2% being driven as a passenger to work
  • 17.2% of people in Campbelltown City catch the train to work compared to 15.9% of people in the Greater Sydney Area.

Suburb population and density

  • The most populated suburb is Ingleburn with 15,039 usual residents
  • The least populated suburb is Blairmount with 577 usual residents
  • The most densely populated suburb is Blair Athol with 302.3persons per hectare
  • The largest geographical suburb is Ingleburn with 1,200 hectares
  • The smallest geographical suburb is Blair Athol only covering 89 hectares
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