Tyson 34821

Cuddly Older Gentleman

Reference number: 34821
Gender: Male
DOB: 1/7/2015
Breed: American Staffordshire X
Background: Lost
Adoption fee: $100
Size: Large
Desexed: Yes
Rehoming priority: High - Available for purchase


  • Suitable for Part-Time Worker
  • Open to Meet Kids (All Ages)
  • Senior Gentleman
  • Best As Only Dog
  • Knows Basic Commands
  • Approx. 26kg

Are you ready to welcome a lovable, older gentleman into your life? Look no further than Tyson – the most adorable, social, and affectionate boy you'll ever meet!

About Me: Tyson is a sweet older guy who’s keen to get out of the shelter & in to a home of his own. What we do know about him is that he was a well-loved dog. His previous owners doted upon him & moved Heaven & Earth to get him back to their home the first time he came into us as a stray. The second time he came in to us we were unable to make contact with them and as such Tyson has been with us since the 28th November 2022.

He is very social with people and enjoys receiving pats from everybody he meets. He’s affectionate & loves cuddles & his belly being rubbed. He’d be best suited to someone who has owned dogs before or has experience with dogs as he can be a stubborn old man sometimes!

Tyson can also become a little anxious when left alone for long periods of time – for this reason alone Tyson would be suitable for someone who works from home or who works part time.

Ideal Home: No matter the hustle and bustle of your household, Tyson will fit right in. Whether it's a lively atmosphere or a calm oasis, he’s ready to bring his warm and loving presence.

It would be perfect for Tyson to have access to both indoors & outdoors. Someone who will allow him to snuggle on his bed & also allow him to sunbathe outside & soak up those rays would be great. A medium to large yard with high secure fencing would also be beneficial for him to stretch his legs & play safely.

Family:  Due to his general chilled out nature, Tyson is open to meet children of any age! He adores people & would be a perfect brother to any children in the home.

Furry Friends: Tyson has never lived with cats before & he shows no interest in making doggy-friends. For these reasons alone we would say that he should be the sole animal in the home.

Work Hard: Tyson knows his name and he loves to show it off – he as impeccable recall skills. Tyson knows how to sit & sits very well – especially if treats are on offer. Tyson is an easy-going walker, although he can be a bit strong on the lead at times so at home training would be beneficial so he can continue working on these skills.

We always recommend post-adoption training whether it be at home or with a professional. Training doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be a fun experience for you both, it doesn’t have to take long & is a great way for you to bond with your new pal.

Due to Tyson sometimes feeling anxious when left alone it may be worthwhile to crate-train him – a crate is a good option to have to help him feel safe & secure.

Play Hard: Being older Tyson’s energy levels are quite low compared to other dogs.  Tyson would benefit from daily walks to keep him healthy & his mind active. He loves to explore and sniff & take in all the scents. He tends to tire out after 30 minutes so the walks don’t need to be strenuous or super long – just enough to keep him happy.

My adoption fee has been reduced as I have been waiting for my forever home for over 60 days!

Post-Adoption Life: With all animals it’s important to understand that going into a new environment with new people may not be as seamless as we want it to be. It’s important to know that these animals have unknown histories - most are left in the shelter by their owners. The information we have is from observing the animal’s behaviours & reactions to certain stimuli whilst in our care. Adopted animals can take up to 3 months to properly decompress from post-shelter life & a lot of behaviours & quirks may surface during this time. All that we ask is that their new owners have an open mind & are patient.