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The following enquiry selections are provided to assist customers with accessing information and tracking the progress of development applications:

  • Development applications and planning proposals currently on public exhibition
  • Development applications lodged and determined
  • Complying Development Certificates issued by Campbelltown City Council or an accredited private certifier

DA Tracking

Application enquiry allows you to follow the progress of development applications. Please note that tracking is only available for applications lodged after 1 July 2013.

Information available includes:

  • Current status of an application
  • Tasks undertaken as part of the assessment process
  • A selection of publicly available electronic documents
  • Email address for further enquiries

The application enquiry function (subject to relevant Australian copyright laws) may provide access to a selection of documents related to a development application. If you would like to view documents related to a development application that are not be accessible online, you can submit an application to the Council under the Government Information (Public) Access Act 2009 (NSW) requesting access to that document.

If you wish to obtain additional information about applications and certificates should contact Campbelltown City Council by one of the following options:

Telephone: 02 4645 4000
Fax: 02 4645 4111
Mail: 91 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560

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