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Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor


The Glenfield to Macarthur rail corridor has been the focus of planning action by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and Campbelltown City Council for several years.

In late 2017 the Department of Planning and Environment announced the release of final plans (after considering the outcomes of public consultation) for each train station precinct from Glenfield to Macarthur, excluding Glenfield. Glenfield is the subject of more detailed planning in response to the NSW Government’s decision to rationalise the use of the Hurlstone Agricultural High School Site.

The final precinct plans, as such, have been adopted for:

  • Macquarie Fields

  • Ingleburn

  • Minto

  • Leumeah

  • Campbelltown and

  • Macarthur

Information on each of these precinct plans is available from the Department of Planning and Environment website

Way forward

Council is currently undertaking detailed work to support the amendment of planning controls like zoning and maximum building height for these  precincts. This involves changing Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015 to permit development which is generally consistent with the released Precinct Plans. Additional work is also being undertaken to identify the infrastructure and open space requirements for each precinct and develop a funding strategy to provide them.

There are several ways that the planning controls can be changed. These include:

  • Council-led local environmental plan amendments, through the preparation of a Planning Proposal, or

  • State Government-led amendments for certain precincts (This is currently occurring in respect of Glenfield), or

  • Planning Proposals submitted by property owners to Campbelltown City Council. Notably, Council does not encourage  individual planning proposals (spot rezoning requests) in the corridor for the following reasons:

    • Such proposals are likely to only consider the impacts of their individual proposed development on the locality. A more comprehensive approach consider the cumulative impacts of  the  proposed ‘up lift’ of densities of the whole precinct and will result in a fairer distribution of infrastructure costs and a reduction in planning costs for individuals

    • Individual proposals will consume Council’s resources and would detract Council staff from directing their time and effort on the completion of the rezoning of each precinct.

As an initial step, if you are considering development in accordance with the adopted Precinct Plans you should make an appointment to see Council’s planning staff by sending an email with your details and including the reference 'Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor' to

Ingleburn CBD Draft Planning Proposal

At its meeting on 9 April, 2019 Council endorsed the Ingleburn CBD draft Planning Proposal to be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway Determination. We are still waiting on the outcome of the Gateway process. For further information about this process please see the Department’s website on the following link: . .

For detailed information on this matter, please refer to Council report - Item 8.2 of Council’s meeting Agenda of 9 April 2019 available from the link below:

Minto and Macquarie Fields

Work is progressing on the Minto and Macquarie Fields Precincts.  The next step in this process will be the presentation of proposals to the Campbelltown Local Planning Panel.  This is expected to occur during the second half of 2019.

Leumeah, Campbelltown and Macarthur

Council is doing a lot of work on the Leumeah, Campbelltown and Macarthur precincts. This work is part of the Reimagining Campbelltown CBD project.  Further information about this project is available on the following page on Council’s website:

Additionally, Council has received planning proposals from proponents for the following sites:

  • 158-168 Queen Street, 1 Carberry Lane, 3 and 11 Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown
  • 22-32 Queen Street, Campbelltown
  • 1, 3 and 4 Tindall Street, 1 and 6 Bugden Place, Campbelltown
  • 2-14 Holly Lea Road, Leumeah

These applications are currently under assessment.

After rezoning

Once the planning controls have been amended development applications may be submitted to Campbelltown City Council for consideration.  Until this time development applications will need to comply with the current planning controls.


This information about implementation of the adopted Precinct Plans will be updated regularly. If you would like any further information please send your details including the reference 'Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor' to

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