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Small Business Resource Reference List

To assist local businesses here in Campbelltown, we have compiled a diverse set of resources from reputable sources, to help you with your small business. The resources cover five phases of owning and running a small business:

1. Start a business

Are you thinking about starting a business? Here's some resources to help get you started on the journey of becoming a business owner.

Starting a business

Where can I access some free initial advice for starting a business?

Is there a checklist I can go through when starting a business?

Business planning

What do I need before I write a business plan?

How do I find out more about my target market?

I need more help with market research

How do I write a business plan?

I need more information about a business plan

Business plan - template and guide

Budgeting How do I do a budget?
Location Where should I run my business from? 
Business structure

What different business structures are there?

What business structure should I choose?

Australian Business Number

Am I entitled to get an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

How do I get an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

What is GST?

How do I register for GST?

Records management How do I manage my business records?
Legal assistance How can I find a solicitor if I need one? 
Accounting assistance How can I find an accountant?
Intellectual property

What is intellectual property?

How do I protect my intellectual property? 

Protecting my interests

If I sell goods on credit, how can I protect my interests?

Personal Property Security Register (PPRS) resources

PPRS Industry Information Sheets

Insurance I need more information about insurance
Licenses Do I need a license to run my business?
Buying a business I want to buy an established business

2. Run a business

So you've started a business, but what else do you need to know about running a business?

Managing cashflow What are some basics about managing cashflow?
Invoicing How do I write an invoice?

What do I need to know about employing staff?

Where can I get information about employing staff?

Taxation I need assistance from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
Overheads How can I manage overheads?
Glossary of financial terms I need help with all of the financial terms 
Online marketing How can I market my business online?
Compliance What obligations for compliance do I have?
Tax workshops I need to know more about how to do my tax correctly
Keeping up to date How do I keep my business name and company details up to date?
Cyber risk How can I protect my business from cyber risk?
Working capital What is working capital?

3. Grow a business

Your business has started, but how do you grow and diversify it further?

Business networking

Is there a local chamber of commerce in Campbelltown?

Is there a local business networking group in Campbelltown?

Marketing I need help on planning to get more customers 
Growing pains How do I avoid business growing pains?
Small business courses I'd like to do some study about running a business
Business grants Are there any grants available to help me grow my business? 

How do I do something different in my business or industry?

How do I put together a strategy to be innovative?

Are there other resources to assist me to be innovative?

Planned growth How do I plan for further business growth?
Goodwill What is goodwill?

4. Improve a business

What to do if you start to get into business difficulty.

Cash flow problems

What can I do if I can't pay my bills?

What do I do when someone owes me money?

Where can I get legal advice on debt issues?

Dispute resolution What if I get into a dispute with a client, another business or a government department?
Legal advice Where can I access free telephone and web services that provide legal information, referrals and possibly advice?
Mediation Who can help with mediating a dispute?

5. Exit a business

What to do when it is time to exit your business.

Business sale

Who can assist me to sell my business?

How can I find a business broker? 

Exit strategies What type of exit strategies are available to me?
Compliance What are the compliance issues to close a business?
Sell or close I'd like to see some short videos on the journey of selling or closing my business 
Business valuation What's my business worth?

What is insolvency?

What are the implications for me as a director if my company is insolvent?

Disclaimer: Please note that the information and referrals on this website are intended to be general in nature and are not personal financial product advice. Before acting on any information, you should consider seeking independent business advice.

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