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DA requirements for the internal construction of hairdresser, beauty and skin penetration premises

Before buying an existing hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises (including home businesses), or construction of a new premises, you must be aware of the development and construction requirements of Council.

Our Environmental Health Officers are available to offer advice regarding the required construction standards for a hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises, conduct pre-construction inspections, review development consents and provide advice regarding your proposal.

Please contact our Environmental Health Officers on 4645 4000 for further information.

Buying an existing hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises

As part of the process of purchasing an existing hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises, you must transfer the registration from the current owner to you.

When purchasing an existing hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises business it is important that you contact us before the sale is finalised to ensure the premises has development consent and to find out the conditions of the consent. There maybe certain restrictions on the premises which can affect the way in which you operate the business.

You can contact Council for more information about transferring the business registration on 4645 4000.

Pre-purchase inspection report

Prior to the purchase of the business it is recommended that you apply for a pre-purchase inspection report on the compliance status of the hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises. Our Environmental Health Officers will carry out an inspection of the premises and compile a report detailing any Public Health hygiene faults with the premises and will alert you to any potential problems that will require fixing.

Please be aware that once you purchase the business from the previous owner/s you are legally responsible to rectify any works required to ensure the premises complies with legislative requirements.

It is advisable to lodge an application for the inspection report with the appropriate fee and charges and written permission to release information from the current owner, at least 14 working days prior to settlement is required. For more information about development applications, please contact our City Development Division on 4645 4000.

Establishing a new hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises

When establishing a new hairdresser, beauty or skin penetration premises you are required to lodge a development application outlining how the internal construction of the proposed development will comply with the Public Health Act 2010, Public Health Regulation 2012 and the Local Government Act 1993.

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