Campbelltown Billabong Parklands Project FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build?

The project is funded by Council, the Australian Government and NSW Government under the Western Sydney Liveability Program ($31 million) and additional funding for gateway areas around the site provided by the NSW Government Public Spaces Legacy Fund ($3.6 million).


When will construction be complete?

Construction is expected to be complete in Q3 of the 2023/2024 financial year.

Will there be an opening event for the community?

A grand opening is being planned to celebrate with the community. Details will be announced closer to opening.

Will people be able to use Bradbury Oval and Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre during construction?

Construction will not impact the surrounding venues and parking is still available. Some parking may be affected during peak construction periods.

How deep will the water be?

The four water recreation spaces will vary in depth, from the zero-depth splash play area to a maximum 2-metre depth in the main swimming pool, known as the Billabong.

What are the safety features?

Lifeguards will be employed in accordance with water safety standards.

Will there be an entry fee?

Entry to the Billabong will be free. Entry to the Billabong Parklands will be controlled via a gated entry system to ensure it does not exceed capacity during peak summer periods.

Will it be open in Winter?

The Billabong Parklands will be open all year round, but access to the pools may be affected during the cooler months.

What are the opening hours?

Summer season

Winter season

Shoulder seasons


1 November – 28 (29) February

Opening time:

10am -5.30pm


1 May – 31 August

Opening time:

Weekdays 10am -4pm

Weekends 10am – 5pm



1 September – 31 October

1 March – 30 April

Opening time:

10am -5.30pm

  • Splash park open
  • Billabong pools open
  • Parklands open
  • Splash park open
  • Billabong pools closed
  • Parklands open
  • Splash park open
  • Billabong pools closed weekdays
  • Billabong pools open weekends and public holidays only
  • Parklands open


How will Council ensure the water is clean?

The Campbelltown Billabong Parklands must meet the same standards as any public swimming pool. Water is provided through an efficient filtration and pump system to each section of the pools.