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Open data

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Campbelltown City Council aspires to being a modern and innovative regional city.  A smart city is one which harnesses the potential of new technologies and data to help its residents improve their lives. A smart city must be an open city, inviting new forms of collaboration and innovative ideas.

Open data - data anyone can access, use and share - is a core element of Campbelltown City Council’s Smart City program.

The objective of Open Data is to:

  • Create opportunities for local businesses, schools, entrepreneurs and policy makers to innovate using Campbelltown City Council data, including to help the Council provide improved services
  • Enable new business models and services incorporating Campbelltown City Council data
  • Become an exemplar among local councils around Australia in how it makes its data available and reusable
  • Foster an open and collaborative culture within the Council, breaking down silos and enabling better information sharing; and
  • Ultimately deliver better, more efficient services for the people of Campbelltown City Council.

Campbelltown City Council approved open data can be downloaded under open licence at the Australian Government Open Data Portal and NSW Open Data Portal.   Data sets provisioned via these portals are available to anyone around the world to access and use, at no cost.  We are only beginning the open data journey and therefore only have a limited set of data available.  It is our objective to grow our open data offering over time.  

Note: Not all data held by Council can be made available as open data.  Data will be made available under flexible and open licenses, allowing for reuse by the public, including businesses, researchers and individuals ensuring the data is released in a manner that does not breach privacy, public safety, security, commercial confidentiality or legislative requirements.



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