Draft Code of Meeting Practice – National Anthem amendment

Public Exhibition

Council, at its meeting on 12 December 2023, resolved to exhibit the Draft Code of Meeting Practice with an amendment to include the National Anthem as the first item of business of each ordinary meeting of the Council.

The purpose of the Code of Meeting Practice is to set out the manner in which meetings of Campbelltown City Council are to be convened and conducted, to be an effective aid to good governance and ensure maximum transparency and openness of all Council and Committee meetings in accordance with the following principles:

Transparent: Decisions are made in a way that is open and accountable.  Trusted: The community has confidence that councillors and staff act ethically and make decisions in the interests of the whole community.
Informed: Decisions are made based on relevant, quality information. Respectful: Councillors, staff and meeting attendees treat each other with respect.
Inclusive: Decisions respect the diverse needs and interests of the local community. Effective:Meetings are well organised, effectively run and skilfully chaired.
Principled: Decisions are informed by the principles prescribed under Chapter 3 of the Act. Orderly: Councillors, staff and meeting attendees behave in a way that contributes to the orderly conduct of the meeting.

This amendment to Clause 8.1 of the Code of Meeting Practice resolved by the Council at the December Council meeting is to include the National Anthem as the first item on the agenda of each ordinary Council meeting as follows:


8.1 The general order of business for an ordinary meeting of the Council shall be:

01 Open Meeting

National Anthem

Acknowledgement of Country

Council Prayer

Disclaimer and notification of audio-visual recording and livestream

  1. Apologies and applications for a leave of absence or attendance by audio visual link by Councillors
  2. Confirmation of minutes
  3. Statement of Ethical Obligations and Declarations of Interest
  4. Mayoral Minutes
  5. Petitions
  6. Correspondence
  7. Reports from officers
  8. Questions with Notice
  9. Rescission Motion
  10. Notice of Motion
  11. Urgent General business (without notice)
  12. Presentations by Councillors
  13. Confidential Report from Officers

The Public Exhibition and supporting documentation will be on public exhibition and available to view from Thursday 14 December 2023 until 5pm Friday 2 February 2024 via: 

Hard copies are available to view at: 


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