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City Identity and Branding - Frequently Asked Questions

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City Identity and Branding Project Questions:

Why are we doing this project?

Changing the current negative perception of Campbelltown was identified as a priority by our residents and businesses as part of the extensive consultation undertaken to develop the current Community Strategic Plan. These same perceptions were also identified as an inhibitor for local businesses in a previous regional business survey, and were again picked up in Council’s recent customer satisfaction survey.

Campbelltown is a city undergoing major change due to enormous population growth it has been earmarked for, and Council wants the city to benefit from this change – not be held back. Negative associations with a city can have far-reaching implications on its economy, but also its people – and it’s time to break that cycle. Campbelltown deserves better.

Creating a unique city identity and brand for Campbelltown is just one piece of the puzzle; there are a range of city-shaping activities currently underway including Re-imagining Campbelltown CBD, the Centre of Health and Sports Excellence, the Western Sydney City Deal, the new Campbelltown-based A League team and more. The city identity and brand will play a key role in each of these activities, by challenging pre-existing opinions about the city and embedding a new narrative for Campbelltown and its people – a positive one that represents what we want to be known for today and into the future.

This doesn’t mean that this project is more important than our core responsibilities such as picking up waste and maintaining our open spaces – we are absolutely still committed to doing these things. However, it will go a long way towards turning talk about Campbelltown into a more positive light and that is a good thing for residents and businesses.

What is the project timeframe?

The project kicked off on 25 February 2019 and is anticipated to be presented to Council for endorsement on 25 June 2019.

How will the community be engaged and consulted?

There will be various forms of consultation to ensure as many people as possible get the opportunity to have their say on what they believe the city’s identity and brand should be. This is not just a Council project; to be successful, a city identity and brand must be embraced – and believed – by the community at large.

A survey was made available via Council’s website and other Council facilities, as well as through various networking groups, with more than 500 responses received; more than 50 people also signed up to be involved in upcoming co-creation workshops. The consultants also conducted a number of vox pop interviews with members of the community at various events – look out for them at the upcoming Wests Tigers home game at Campbelltown Stadium on Sunday 31 March!

And this is only the consultation at the beginning of the project! There will be many more opportunities to have your say as the city identity is further developed.

What will we get at the end of the project? Is it more than just a logo?

The city identity and brand is more than just a logo; a logo is just one small part of the end result. Anyone can come up with a clever name or eye-catching logo, but this means nothing if the new city identity is unable to create meaning or perception in the minds of our customers – you.

The project will identify a new narrative for the city – one which is unique and identifiable as Campbelltown alone; one which is believed by our people and our businesses; one which challenges the status quo, revives confidence and showcases the city as the place to live, work and play. It is the story of Campbelltown that will bring the strategy to life, which is why we need you to be involved. First impressions last – help us make a new first impression.

What can I do to get involved?

Keep an eye on this page for updates on new consultation opportunities.

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