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Draft Mt Gilead Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA)

Submission closed on 27 April 2018

A Draft Mt Gilead Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) will provide the local infrastructure needed to support the new Mt Gilead community.

Draft Mt Gilead Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA)

The Mt Gilead release area was rezoned for urban development in September 2017. Mt Gilead forms part of the greater Mt Gilead Precinct which provides for urban expansion within the southern portion of the Campbelltown Local Government Area.

A planning proposal was offered to Council by the land owners, Mt Gilead Pty Ltd and Mr S and Mrs A Dzwonnik, and the developer of the land, Lendlease, to provide the local infrastructure needed to support the new Mt Gilead community. 

Lendlease, through the planning agreement obligations, will deliver all local infrastructure requirements to accommodate the proposed 1,700 lots. The total value of infrastructure is $56.2 million and will consist of the following:

  • Open Space ($29.9 million) – a new network of open space will provide a range of active and passive spaces, including several local parks and a recreational facility with turf playing fields, synthetic cricket pitch, amenities building, picnic/BBQ shelter and play area.

  • Community Facilities ($2.3 million) – a multiple purpose community facility.

  • Road Network ($12.3 million) – works will include upgrades to Appin Road, which serves as the main access point into the release area, and a collector road looping through the release area to provide a route for bus services.

  • Stormwater Management ($11.7 million) – a water cycle management strategy will be utilised, consisting of a series of stormwater detention basins and bio-retention facilities to store and treat stormwater prior to discharge into the existing creek system.

These works will be delivered through future development applications and imposed as a condition of development consent. The draft VPA also establishes clear triggers throughout the staged development to ensure the required infrastructure is progressively constructed as needed by the new community.

The draft VPA and Explanatory Note, which provides an explanation of the proposed planning agreement, will be on exhibition until Friday 27 April 2018. Documents are also available for review at the ground floor of Council’s Civic Centre during Council’s ordinary office hours and HJ Daley Library, Hurley St, Campbelltown.


Making a submission

Submissions have now closed. 

Enquiries: 02 4645 4608.

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