Know Your Neighbours

Six adults gathering around a barbeque

The Australian Loneliness Report states that a third of Australians don’t see or hear from their neighbours on a monthly basis, nearly half don’t have a neighbour to call on for help and 70% say they have no neighbours they’d talk to about private matters.

Getting to know your neighbours builds community resilience and reduces loneliness. Connected and inclusive communities bounce back from disasters better and at a faster rate. Knowing your neighbours is so important, so reach out, make a connection and look out for one another.

Not sure where to start?

Try the following to get to know your community:

  1. Attend your local libraries' programs tailored for different age groups and interests
  2. Get involved with one of our Bushcare groups
  3. Join Nextdoor, your local social media platform to connect with people in your suburb and surrounds
  4. Participate in Neighbour Day by hosting a street party or visit their website for more ideas and resources
  5. Download and print a Connection card(PDF, 2MB) or Connecting Communities for 20 years flyer(PDF, 107KB) to leave in your neighbour's letter box - every day can be Neighbour Day.