Resilient Campbelltown


We all want to live in a city that thrives in both good times and bad, for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, cities experience disasters and recurring pressures that can be disruptive, expensive and impactful.

To ensure that our city is resilient, we must understand these challenges and work together to plan and implement actions to make our city stronger and more connected.

To guide this, Council has endorsed the Resilient Sydney Strategy(PDF, 7MB), and is developing our own local approach.

In May 2022, we adopted our first ever resilience plan – the Resilience Hazard Assessment(PDF, 31MB), which includes 42 actions split into three categories – enhance, collaborate and initiate.

You told us that resilience is important.

As such, our Delivery Program includes City Resilience as one of two overarching priorities with 15 actions from our Resilience Hazard Assessment featuring in our Delivery Program 22-26 and Operational Plan 22-23(PDF, 26MB)