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Tree Swap

Under the ‘Tree Swap’ Program residents can swap a weed tree for a local native tree.


Council is committed to the protection of our natural environment. Weeds are a threat to our native biodiversity and way of life. It is estimated that weed control costs Australian agriculture around $4 billion a year.  

The real cost of weeds to the environment is difficult to calculate, however it is likely to at least equal this cost.  

In an effort to assist the community in controlling weeds on their property and promote local biodiversity, we have commenced a trial ‘Tree Swap’ program. Under the Program residents who removed a weed tree can swap it for a native tree.

The ‘Tree Swap’ program is targeting Privet (small leaf and broad leaf) and African Olive trees which are common garden trees within the Campbelltown area. Further details about the Tree Swap Program can be found in the Tree Swap Program brochure.

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