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Challenge Walk results and gallery

Past event results

2017 Photos

Congratulations to our 2017 winners

6km Male
1. Davor Zailac
2. Nathan Bartolo
3. Terry Lee

6km Female
1. Breanna Cunningham
2. Kathleen Eagar
3. Jessica Rocchetto

11km Male
1. Steven Washburn
2. James Supel
3. Dennis Sweetman

11km Female
1. Cheryl Webb
2. Melissa Lee
3. Belinda Molnar

6km Teams
Primary School
1. Currans Hill Public School
2. Narellan Vale PS
3. St Clare’s Narellan Vale Primary School

Secondary School
1. Elizabeth Macarthur High School
2. JT Walkers (John Therry High)

1. Aquafit Fitness and Leisure
2. Masterclass
3. Ready Set Toned

1. Wiseberrians
2. Shane’s Crew
3. The Cystic Fibrosis Team  

11km Teams
1. Bodywar Outdoor Group Fitness
2. Aquafit Fitness and Leisure
3. Fitness 2 Suit U

1. Shane’s Crew
2. Forbes
3. Scrambled Legs

Largest 6km Team – Aquafit

Largest 11km Team - Bodywar Outdoor Group Fitness


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