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Oral Histories

Collage of oral history interviewees Faces of interviewees for our oral history project


Experience Campbelltown's bygone years through recordings of local residents as they reminisce about early Campbelltown, at a time when Queen Street was just a dirt road.

New interviews recently added include residents Fatin Al Rawi, Sikander Khan and Maluach who tell their stories of coming to Campbelltown from other countries.

Fatin Al Rawi

Interview with Campbelltown local Fatin, who was born in Baghdad, Iraq.

Interviewed by Andrew Allen 24 October 2016.

 Portrait of Fatin Al Rawi


Read the transcript(31KB, PDF)

Hugh Bairnsfather

Coming to Campbelltown in 1954, photographic enthusiast Hugh documented many moments in Campbelltown's past.

Recorded: 31 July 2013.

 Portrait of interviewee Hugh Bairnsfather

Read the transcript(210KB, PDF)

Peter Benson

Peter was delivered at home in Ingleburn on the 29 Dec 1924 by William Mawson. A well respected dentist, Peter talks of his family history and growing up.

Discussions include: Dentistry,

Recorded: 13 December 2013

Portrait of interviewee Peter Benson

Read the transcript(288KB, PDF)

Norm Campbell

Born in Campbelltown in 1923. Norm recalls a wealth of stories about his time as a fireman, projectionist and newspaper photographer.

Recorded 29 November 2011

 Portrait of interviewee Hugh Bairnsfather

 Many of Norm's photographs can be found at Campbelltown Library's Photo Database.

Read the transcript(164KB, PDF)

Susan Chandler

Susan's family lived on a dairy farm at Douglas Park when she was born. She tells us of her life revelling in her school days.

Recorded 10 Aug 2011

 Portrait of Interviewee Susan Chandler

Read the transcript(232KB, PDF)

Betty Dredge

Born Minnie Moss, Betty tells of life growing up in the 'bush' suburb of Macquarie Fields.
Married in 1953, Betty moved into a flat over Mrs Taylor's shop opposite the Campbelltown Town Hall.

Recorded October 29 2010

Portrait of interviewee Betty Dredge

Read the transcript(155KB, PDF)

Bob Etchells

Born 1941 in Ashfield, Bob tells of his family's history.
Topics raised: Emily Cottage; East Minto; trees in Byron Bay; Hansen's; Minto Bushfire Brigade

Recorded: 9 April 2015

Portrait of Interviewee Bob Etchells

Read the transcript(236KB, PDF)

Elsie Evans

Growing up as a child in Campsie, Elsie talks of her life and experiences during World War II and of moving to Campbelltown.

Recorded: 17 Jan 2018.

 Portrait of interviewee Elsie Evans

Read the transcript(280KB, PDF)

Barbara Fetterplace

Born in East Maitland, Barbara moved to Campbelltown with husband Gordon where they owned a pharmacist. Both would play a significant role in the Campbelltown community.

Recorded 7 December 2017


Read the transcript(164KB, PDF)

Eves, Geoff

Professional photographer, Geoff Eves recorded much of Campbelltown's early history including many of its buildings now long gone.

Interviewed by Andrew Allen 24 July 2013.

An example photograph of Geoff Eves showing the Royal hotel


Read the transcript(203KB, PDF)

Lilly Hepher

Born in 1915 and moving with her two brothers and two sisters to Lithgow Street in 1919. Lilly has a great many memories of Campbelltown at a time when the street lamps of Queen Street were lit by hand.

Recorded 7 May 2010

Portrait of interviewee Lil Hepher

Read the transcript(190KB, PDF)

Coral Henson

Interviewer Andrew Allen
Topics raised: Longhursts, Hepher's, schooling, tennis, Harley Daley, the Depression, Campbelltown Shops.

Recorded: 30 March 2010

Portrait of Interviewee Coral Hensob

Read the transcript(143KB, PDF)

Arthur & Valerie (Jean) Hounslow

Delivered by Willam Mawson in 1927 Arthur tells of the building of Ingleburn Weir, council meetings on a full moon and a hairy time in the scouts.
Jean recalls rabbit stew, her father's work as well as a close link with Ingleburn house.
Recorded 23 May 2013

Photo of Arthur and Valerie (Jean) Hounslow

Read the transcript(303KB, PDF)

Sikander Khan

Born in Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh, Sikander followed his brother to Australia to continue his education after the death of his father and mother.

Recorded 30 November 2016. Interviewed  by Andrew Allen.

Portrait of Sikander Khan

Read the transcript(134KB, PDF)

Una Laird

Una arrived in Campbelltown from Armidale in 1932 when she was eight.
Topics raised: Teaching; Condamine Street; The Russian Monastery.

Recorded: 17 June 2015

Portrait of Interviewee Una Laird

Read the transcript(302KB, PDF)


Maluach came to Australia from war torn South Sudan. Sadly, like hundreds of other children in the area he contracted meningitis and lost much of his hearing.

Interviewed by Andrew Allen and Julie Levell

Recorded: 15 March 2017.

 Portrait of Maluach

Read the transcript(139KB, PDF)
Campbelltown Library – Hugh Bairnsfather 

Allan McClelland

Named for a soldier of the first World War Allan came to Campbelltown when he was three years old

Recorded: 17 Nov 2011

Portrait of interviewee Allan McClelland

Read the transcript(175KB, PDF)

David Milliken

Born in 1943 when Campbelltown was in flood, David lived on the corner of Moore and Genty Streets.

Discussions include:
Frogs Hollow, Wonson's, dairy farming, Glenlee, Kiabla House, Rose Payton, Hayes Cordial, Seddon, Queen Street shop positions, the fire station, Ryan's garage, carpet snake; Russell offices and the Department of Defence; Al Johnson, Gubby Elmaloglou, Bradbury House, Charles Tripp, Syd Pope, Ruth Wajnryb, trout fishing, Cyril Brookes, Dr Thomas

Recorded 14 April 2011

Portrait of interviewee David Milliken

 Read the Transcript(306KB, PDF)

Bob Moore

Born in Milby private hospital, Bob tells of his time growing up during the great depression.

Recorded 17 October 2011

Portrait of interviewee Bob Moore

Read the transcript(184KB, PDF)

'Nell' O'Loughlan

Nell's grandparent's were given a grant by Governor Macquarie, and grew grapes on their farm. Nell herself, was born in Elderslie, Camden and tells of life with her widowed mother during the great depression.

Recorded: 16 Jan 2015

Portrait of Interviewee Nell O'Loughlan

Read the transcript(216KB, PDF)


Maureen Patrick

Born in Cowra in 1936, Maureen's father and Grandfather worked on the railways. In sixth form her family moved to Campbelltown to be close to family.

Recorded: 13 August 2013

Portrait of Interviewee Maureen Patrick

Read the transcript(179KB, PDF)

Greg Percival

Born in Ingleburn, 1925, Harold Gregory Percival had many varied jobs with many organizations including the Navy, the GPO and Campbelltown Council as Alderman then Mayor.

Recorded: 18 May 2010

Portrait of Interviewee Greg Percival

Read the transcript(281KB, PDF)


Barney Ponsonby

Born 1950

Discussions include: Arthur Campbell; Moore Street; Bill Fairburn; Campbelltown North; the Rixons Campbelltown Show; Swimming at Menangle River; cars; Lacks and club hotels; Ampol garage; Downes

Recorded 14 March 2014

Read the transcript(215KB, PDF)

Ted and Anne Sedgwick

Discussions include: Tom Hughes; Kagaroos; Local Politics; Tom Lewis; Greg Percival; Milk Board; Phil Simon; Payten's Lysaght's Dr Thomas; Picture theatre; Campbelltown Theatre Group; Hepher's Duguid Oval; Arch Walker; Stan Reeve

Recorded 26th May 2012.

Portrait of Interviewee Ted Sedgewick


Read the transcript transcript (249KB, PDF)    

Ken Shafer

Discussions include: Reg Baker, Fisher's Ghost and Shell garages, Sid Pope, fundraising, Good Intent Hotel, panel beating,  Lack's Hotel, Barry Clinton, Ron Harris, Gordon Fetterplace, Protestants, Catholic Church, Harry Shafer, horseriding to school, boxing, Ita Buttrose, speedway, St Gregory's College,

Recorded 14th April 2016.

Portrait of Ken Shafer

 Ken Shafer

 Read the transcript(163KB, PDF)

Alan and Rhonda Sloper

Discussions include: Bondi, midget submarine, Rose Festival, Fisher's Ghost Festival, amusement rides, showmen, Doctor Pate, Dr. Guest, Dr. Parnell, Reg Gale, Oakwood, Scattergood, boarding school, Teddy McGoldrick, Catholic Club, Clive Tregear, Alf Sloper, Harley Daley, Jerry Bakkers, Graham Dunstan, Fred Braat, snow cones, Ron Moore. Mrs Mac's Taxi service.

Recorded 23th December 2015.

Read the transcript(168KB, PDF)

Jim Summers

Living in Campbelltown for more than 80 years Jim tells of his time rabitting, playing football for the Kangaroo's league team and swimming in the Cattle tanks.

Recorded 17th Feb 2010

Portrait of Interviewee Jim Summers

Read the transcript(182KB, PDF)

Margaret Templeman (nee Worrell)

One of eight Children, Margaret grew up in a house in the middle of Worrell Park..

Topics raised: Junction Road, Georges River Road, East Campelltown School, nursing, WWII, Pansy, shops in Campbelltown.

Recorded 8th Sep 2010

Portrait of Interviewee Margaret Templeman


Read the transcript(215KB, PDF)

Uncle Ivan Wellington

Uncle Ivan Wellington, the well-known and well-loved Aboriginal elder talks about his family life growing up along the South Coast; what brought him to Campbelltown and his work with the kids of the community.

Discussions include: Billy Wellington, Jerrinjama, Dharawal National Park, Bull Cave,  juvenile justice, Reiby, Appin Massacre, Father Tony Daley.

Recorded 7 March 2016

 Portrait of Uncle Ivan Wellington

Read the transcript(135KB, PDF)

Like what you hear? More are available at the library. Ask for the Local Information Librarian.

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