Webinar: Your personal brand - Women in business

Next date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023 | 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

How to start a small business seminar

Your brand is an expression of the tangible and intangible value that you uniquely bring to the business. In its simplest form a personal brand is you bringing consistency to how you present yourself.

A personal brand is an essential tool for women in business. It helps people understand what they can expect when they interact with you. For example, you may ensure that you are always punctual for meetings, or always start and finish meetings on time.

You can develop your personal brand based on authenticity and principles that resonate with you. A strong brand makes you distinct and can influence others in a positive way.

You should be comfortable with and proud of your brand. People will remember your brand and how you made them feel more than they will remember what you said.

In this webinar you will learn to

  • Understand the value of a personal brand
  • Develop an authentic personal brand that you are comfortable with and proud of
  • Explore synergy between your personal brand and the brand of the business.

You will leave this webinar with the ability to

  • Understand that decision making can be made easier if the owner has a clear personal brand and the business has a clear brand, as decisions should be in alignment with the brand
  • Establish a positive workplace culture by leading by example with your personal brand
  • Enhance the reputation of your business by expressing a strong personal brand that has synergy with the business.

Meet your presenter - Kylie Pettitt

Kylie has had an extensive professional career across the consumer goods industry. Her first career was within the wine and beverage industry where she held roles in blue chip public and private organisations, focused on sales, marketing, leadership ,category development and strategy.

Working for Red Bull, Pernod Ricard, Accolade Wines, and SC Johnson where she managed major retail, wholesale and hospitality clients for market leading brands and portfolios. From this experience, Kylie brings strength and passion in product development, strategic business planning, and digital marketing.

Kylie later worked for Bluescope Steel, using her category and stakeholder management skills to lead pricing decisions for the Manufacturing Sector. Kylie understands that mindset and emotional wellness play a key role in personal and professional success, and has designed and facilitated programs focused on employee engagement and wellbeing.

In 2021, Kylie started her own coaching practice, working with small business owners and female entrepreneurs to develop strong business foundations and the right mindset to succeed in the early stages of business. Kylie has a passion for leading clients to discover their own internal strengths, build resilience and thrive despite external circumstances.

Kylie is currently completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Wollongong and holds certifications in NLP, Success Coaching, Conscious Education, High Pressure Negotiation, and Emotional Intelligence, as well as a Level 2 WSET (wine and spirit education trust). Kylie brings a highly strategic yet empathetic approach to support small to medium businesses to set strong foundations and scale beyond the start up stage.

Meet your host - Court Sayer-Roberts

Court is a qualified small business financial counsellor who has over 20 years management experience including 9 years at senior management level within the food manufacturing industry within New Zealand and Australia overseeing the production and launch of major food brands and products.

Court has experienced first hand the challenges that rural businesses face, having been through drought periods himself with both SunRice and his own businesses in Leeton, which includes small business consulting, and owner/operator of a café and catering business.

Court works closely with small businesses in building and coaching high-performing teams and individuals to meet their goals, as well as help develop business relationships with their key stakeholders through changing environments. This means helping simplify business processes and understanding finances to make informed decisions.

Court provides small business advice in the local government areas of Leeton, Griffith, Narrandera, Hay, Edward River, Murray River. He can also assist with navigating the extensive range of government assistance packages presently available.


  • Wednesday, 29 March 2023 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


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