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Wood heaters

Do I need approval to install a wood heater?

Yes. Please refer to solid fuel heating appliances / wood heaters.

Correct wood heater operation

Correct wood heater operation and a well maintained heater reduces visible smoke to a heat haze, or faint smoke, within 10 minutes of lighting or refuelling.

Why is it important that your wood heater operates properly?

The increased use of wood heaters in winter contributes to air pollution within the Campbelltown area.
As much as half of the Macarthur Region's air pollution through winter is caused by wood heaters.

What causes excessive wood heater smoke?

Almost all instances of excessive wood heater smoke are caused by:

  • poor operation
  • lack of maintenance
  • faulty appliances or installation
  • the use of wet or unseasoned firewood

Complaints relating to excessive smoke

Council provides information and guidelines to residents who are the subject of complaints relating to excessive smoke from wood heaters.

Wood heater offences and fines

Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act, residents who do not follow our guidelines and maintain a clean burning wood heater may be issued with a smoke abatement notice and may face on the spot fines of $200.

It is also an offence to remove trees or fallen timber from bushland areas for use in wood heaters.

For more information about your wood heater, please contact Council on 02 4645 4000 or visit the NSW EPA website.

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