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Alcohol Free Zones

What is an Alcohol Free Zone?

The Local Government Act 1993 provides Council with the ability to establish an Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ).

A person living or working within the area, the local police, or a local community group can request an AFZ by completing an application form(98KB, PDF).

An AFZ can be established over public places that are public roads or car parks, and prohibits the drinking of alcohol in the specified zone.

A proposal to establish an AFZ must, in all cases, be supported by evidence that street drinkers have compromised the public's use of those roads or car parks.

The maximum duration of an AFZ is four years, although it may be re-established following the same procedure that was used to originally establish the zone.

How are Alcohol Free Zones created?

The procedure that Council must follow prior to making any resolution to declare an AFZ is outlined in the legislation and is as follows:

  1. Notify the community of its intention to establish the alcohol free zone in the area embracing that land proposed to be declared and inviting submissions from any person or group within the area.
    The minimum period for lodging a submission is 14 days after publication of the notice.
  2. Consider any submissions received, and where it is decided to declare the zone, must advise:
    • The Anti-Discrimination Board
    • The officer in charge of the Police Station nearest the zone
    • The liquor licensees and secretaries of registered clubs whose premises border on or adjoin or are adjacent to the proposed zone
    • Any known group that might be affected by the creation of the AFZ.
    Council must give each organisation or persons listed above up to 30 days to make written submissions to the proposal.
  3. Consider any submissions received and where it is decided to proceed with the declaration, notify the community of this decision (whether as originally proposed or as amended) at least seven days in advance of the proposed date of commencement.
  4. Signpost the area in accordance with the Act. 

The following zones are in place until 24 December 2021:

The following zones are in place until 24 December 2023:

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