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Get rid of bulky items by booking a Kerbside clean up & what materials are accepted?

If you need to get rid of bulky items that can’t go in your bins, you can book a kerbside clean up.

You can have up to four kerbside clean ups each year, and you can put out one cubic metre (about a box trailer load) for collection at each clean up.  The clean up service is provided ‘on call’ which means you can book each of your clean ups when you need them.

You need to book a clean up online or call us on 4645 4000 before you put any items on the kerbside.

What is my kerbside collection/pick up day?

Do a property search online to find out your collection/pick up day.  Please enter in your street number and street name - do NOT enter your unit number (eg. 91 Queen St Campbelltown).

What you can put out for a clean up

Image showing shat you can put out for a clean up - toys, beds and mattresses, old furniture, household electrical appliances, metal, garden clippings no wider than 15cm in diameter and 1 metre long

What you can’t put out for a clean up

What you can't put out for a clean up

Report missed kerbside clean up

If we have missed your clean up, let us know by calling 4645 4000.

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