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Animal Care Facility

Animal Care Facility - Campbelltown City Council

Our primary role in animal control:

  • Providing facilities to receive impounded and surrendered animals.
  • Responding to complaints and enquiries regarding animal control.
  • Promoting micro-chipping, registration and desexing of companion animals.

Services available to the public:

  • impounding animals
  • accepting surrendered animals
  • information regarding anti barking devices
  • desexing program.

Dog attacks and roaming dogs

For assistance with dog attacks, please contact the Animal Care Facility during operating hours. For assistance outside of operating hours, contact:

Campbelltown Police on 4620 1199
Macquarie Fields Police on 9605 0499

Roaming dogs

Council will collect stray dogs during the operating hours of the Animal Care Facility. Where a stray dog is restrained by a member of the community, outside the operating hours of the Animal Care Facility, the dog may be taken to Bradbury Vet or the RSPCA. Find out more...

Looking for a pet?

If you're considering a new pet for yourself or as a gift, be sure to visit the dogs and cats for sale page to check out the animals available for purchase from our Animal Care Facility.

Giving an animal as a gift needs careful consideration and can be a life-changing decision. There are many costs and responsibilities to consider with owning a dog or a cat, including microchipping and registration, maintaining animal health (worming, vaccination, regular exercise), providing secure and comfortable housing and caring for your pet responsibly so it does not become a nuisance to neighbours.

Phot of the Animal Care Facility


2 Rose Street (off Blaxland Rd)

Contact details

Business hours

4645 4790
After hours
emergency phone:

4645 4790

Opening hours


9.00am - 3.30pm
Tuesday to

9.00am - 3.00pm
9.00am - 12 noon

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays


Notification of Death of Animal (128 KB)
Change of address
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