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At Campbelltown City Council we recognise the unique skills and attributes demonstrated by service personnel in their service to our country.

These same skills and attributes are valued by Council in serving our local community.

We strongly encourage ex-service personnel to look at the many and varied opportunities available not only at Campbelltown City Council but within Local Government.

We appreciate that applying for roles outside of defence can be daunting. If you are unsure of where to start, or would like some support with the application process, please contact us at

Why choose a job in Local Government?

Transferable skills

Your time in the military has equipped you with all the necessary skills required to succeed in Local Government (LG).

Ex-service personnel have such a unique and extensive skills portfolio; leadership, teamwork, initiative, accountability and communication, are just some of the skills that are transferable into Local Government.

  • Your ability to see and understand the big picture clearly, coupled with your skills portfolio, makes you highly employable.
  • However, if you don't know what your own skills are and how they can transfer to LG, you are going to limit your chances of gaining employment.
  • Your ability to communicate your skills and attributes to an interview panel is paramount; the NSW Local Government Rank 2 Grade Guide and Local Government Capability Framework are two resource tools that where designed to assist both ex-service personnel and hiring managers to understand what are transferrable skills.

Diverse job opportunities

You will be quite surprised when you realise the similarities between Local Government and Defence.

The scale and diversity of the work Local Government is required to conduct, means that there are many different career pathways available within the organisation. Like Defence, Local Government's primary role is to serve its community, to be able to achieve this, LG requires a diverse and multi skilled workforce, who are upbeat, resourceful and determine.

The Careers at Council website is an excellent resource for you to gain a great understanding about unique and diverse employment opportunities available within Local Government.

Educated HR and Hiring Managers

Campbelltown City Council conducts regular training to educate our leaders and hiring managers on the unique skills and attributes that veterans have to offer.

As a result of this training, our hiring managers have a greater understanding of the 'soft skills' that all veterans possess; and how these skills and attributes are transferable to a wide range of positions within Local Government.

Professional Development

Campbelltown City Council is in the top 2 per cent of Local Governments in NSW for supporting staff through their Professional Development program.

Whether its upskilling or gaining a new Tertiary qualification, we are willing to assist you achieve your goals.

Employee Assistance Program

Through Access EAP, Campbelltown City Council offers a number of free, confidential services including financial, counselling, marriage and career coaching with our service provider, for yourself, your family and close friends.

Defence Forces Reserve Leave

If you are an employee other than a casual, and you have formally advised Council that you are a member of the Australian Defence Forces Reserve, you can access up to four weeks paid leave per financial year to attend Defence Force duties.

Do you know?

Local Government rank to grade guide and capability framework

Local Government Rank to Grade Guide was developed to help both hiring managers and veterans understand how ADF skills and experience align with public sector jobs. Use this guide as a tool to help you identify where your skills and qualifications align you to.

Local Government Capability Framework sets out the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work effectively in Local Government. The guide outlines the requirements of Council roles and how veterans military experience can fulfil these needs at all employment levels.

Veteran Employee Program

Veteran Employment Program (VEP) is a communication and education platform that supports both veterans and hiring managers.

VEP continues to build a network of champions and partners to help promote the skills veterans can bring to Local Government.

Department of Defence Transition Program

Defence Members and Family Support (DMFS)has developed aADF Member and Family Transition Guidewhich contains information on the transition process, as well as, information on support services and administrative requirements.

  • One of the support programs available to transitioning, or transitioned personnel, is theDefence Force Transition Program.
  • This program has various workshops, training, programs and advice, which is designed to assist you, and your family, with your transition.
  • Note:most of these programs can be continued to be accessed for up to 12 months after you transition, with some up to 24 months. However, you will need a referral from an ADF Transition Coach before you can access this program.

ADF Transition & Civil Recognition Project (ADFTCR) was established to undertake the work on aligning military skills and civilian qualifications. They will help you to understand what civilian employers want and how to express your service in a way that any employer can understand and value.

ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar is held nationally throughout the year, and are designed to help you and your family plan and prepare for life outside of the military.

Remember: it's not just you who is transitioning out of the military, its your family as well, taking your spouse or family member to one of these transition seminars will increase your chances of a smooth and successful transition.

Qualifications and Courses

Education NSW offers fee-free training for all veterans and their recognised partners.

You can learn new skills and qualifications which will compliment your ADF skills and attributes to help you find the right job and have a rewarding civilian life.

TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition works in partnerships with NSW Office for Veterans Affairs to assist Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans and their spouses and partners to transition into the civilian workforce.

Ranks to Recognition offers a wraparound service including careers advice, skills assessment, credit transfer, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and training gap analysis to help identify the skills and knowledge acquired in the ADF.

Meet Mark Bransdon, our Learning and Development Officer

Read about how and why Mark made the transition to Local Government.

Meet Mark Bransdon(PDF, 317KB)

If Mark's story has inspired you and you would like to have a 1 on 1 coaching session with him, please send an email to or you can connect with Mark through LinkedIn

Careers at Council asks... Mark Bransdon former ADF member

Could a career at Council be right for you? Careers at Council asks Mark Bransdon, former ADF member and Learning and Development Officer, about transitioning to Local Government.

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