Self Employment Assistance

There are a number of agencies available that help individuals to turn their business idea into a commercially viable business via the Workforce Australia Program. 

Sydney Business and Self-Employment Assistance are approved Workforce Australia providers offering support for individuals in setting up and running a small business, improving an existing small business, and offering business training, mentoring and coaching to maximise success.

Individuals can access help with:

  • Workshopping a business idea
  • Creating a business plan and develop your business skills
  • Accredited training in small business*
  • Connecting with an experienced business coach from a range of industries

Existing small business owners can also get support to develop their business plan, access accredited training, undertake a business health check and access business advice sessions.

To access help or to find out more information, contact:

Nicole Kavadias, Consultant - Self-Employment Assistance
Phone: 0447 307 589


Camille Docko, Business Coach and Mentor - Sydney Business
Phone: 0413 583 778