Campbelltown Community Recycling Centre


Our Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Hepher Road, Campbelltown, is available for residents to drop off household problem waste. Limits apply.
You can also drop off selected items at s
mall CRC stations, located across our LGA. 

Some household items do not belong in our kerbside bins – particularly paint, gas cylinders, oil, fluorescent lamps, batteries and smoke detectors. The most appropriate way to dispose of these items is to take them to our Community Recycling Centre.  

CRC - Hepher Rd Campbelltown

Plan your visit

Our Community Recycling Centre is free and easy to use. Plan your visit to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Place your items safely in the boot of your car
  • Ensure the items are secure and won't move around while you are driving
  • Quantities must be domestic only, commercial quantities will not be accepted
  • Sort your materials before you arrive, customers with unsorted loads of materials may be asked to drive out and separate them before re-entering. This is to ensure that other customers will not be kept waiting.

Items you can drop off

Household items

  • household batteries
  • fluorescent lights - globes and tubes
  • smoke detectors
  • fire extinguishers
  • electronic waste (including televisions, computers and accessories, printers, and small appliances with a cord or batteries. Whitegoods are not accepted)
  • cooking oils
  • x-rays (film only)
  • mobile phones and accessories
  • cardboard (household quantities only - please remove any plastic or other items, and ensure all boxes are flattened, shredded paper not accepted)
  • polystyrene (household quantities of rigid polystyrene only – for example the rigid pieces/blocks that are used in packaging white goods, televisions and furniture).
    Soft polystyrene is not accepted (including beads, bean bags, foam and wrap).

From the garage

  • paint
  • car batteries
  • motor oil
  • aerosols
  • gas bottles

Only household quantities accepted: up to 20 litres or 20kg of any one item will be accepted.


Chemicals are not accepted at the Community Recycling Centre. They are accepted at Household Chemical Clean Out events.

CRC small drop off stations

CCC_CRCstation 480x316.jpg

If you have small quantities of 

  • x-rays
  • household batteries
  • mobile phones and accessories 
  • smoke detectors

You can drop these off at one of our CRC small drop off stations located across our LGA.

Please only drop off these items into the dedicated sections of the station and take any other rubbish away with you after your visit. 

Our CRC small drop off stations are located at the following locations for your convenience. 

Location Address
 Civic Centre  91 Queen Street, Campbelltown 
Eagle Vale Library  25 Emerald Drive, Eagle Vale
Glenquarie Library  12 Brooks Street, Macquarie Fields
 HJ Daley Library  1 Hurley Street, Campbelltown
 Greg Percival Library  Cnr Oxford and Cumberland Roads, Ingleburn 

 Macquarie Fields Fitness and Indoor Sports Centre

 52 Fields Road, Macquarie Fields 


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