Livestreaming Council Meetings

Council meetings are being livestreamed.

Council Meetings, held on the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 pm are being livestreamed.

Watch Livestreamed Meeting

A recording of the meeting is available online the following day for on-demand viewing.

Watch Recorded Council Meetings

Terms and conditions

In the spirit of open, accessible and transparent government, the Campbelltown City Council meetings will be livestreamed on Council’s website from 11 February 2020.

  • All Council meetings are live streamed via the Council website to enhance public access to the deliberations of Council.
  • Two cameras are located in the Council Chambers for the purposes of livestreaming the Council meeting proceedings.
  • Camera one is positioned to record the Mayor and Council Staff.
  • Camera two is positioned to record the Councillors and the public address podium.
  • Members of the public seated in the gallery behind the Councillors may be shown on camera. By attending a meeting you consent to the possibility that your image, voice, personal and health information may be broadcast to the public.
  • Where a member of the public making a public address objects to appearing on the livestream, a Council officer will, upon request, read their submission on their behalf, pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 229KB).
  • Any part of the meeting that is held in closed confidential session will not be recorded or webcast.
  • A recording of each Council meeting will be retained on Council's website and be available for on-demand viewing for 12 months.
  • Campbelltown City Council accepts no liability for any defamatory, discriminatory or offensive statements or inappropriate comments that are made during the course of a meeting which may be webcast by Council.
  • Recordings of Council Meetings are copyright protected and cannot be reused or reproduced without approval from Council.
  • A fault in the technology or an inability to stream a meeting will not invalidate decisions from the meeting.

Livestream troubleshooting FAQs

My video is not playing

Here are a number of things to try if your livestream video is not playing:

  • Check the livestream video has not been paused. This sometimes can happen if you click on the video or maximise the size of the screen. Press play and wait up to 2 minutes to see if the video commences.
  • Check you have a functioning internet connection.
  • Turn your device off and back on to see if the issue resolves itself.
  • Check that your internet connection is not being filtered by a security device such as a firewall or proxy. Go into your security settings to check this.

I can only see an image and no live video

Please note that there will be a placeholder image over the video (image of the Council Chambers meeting room) which will only be removed once the Council Meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

What do I need to view the videos?

You need a laptop, PC or smart phone with an internet connection and speakers.

What is the possible data usage for livestream

To view on high definition (720 p) it can use up to 1 GB of data per hour. Please check your data plan to ensure you have enough capacity to stream videos.

What connection speed is required to watch the videos?

2-3 Mbps bandwidth is required to stream this video at a reasonable quality.

The Council meeting is not available to watch

The Council meeting is available to watch as a livestream at 6:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. A recording of the meeting will be uploaded the next day for on-demand viewing. The recording will be retained on Council's website for 12 months.


If you have any issues viewing the livestream, you can contact us
Phone: 02 4645 4320