Scattergood Reserve

Scattergood Reserve - St Helens Park

Scattergood Reserve is part of the beautiful Georges River corridor. It supports a range of bushland habitats with abundant wildlife and possesses a network of tracks that invite exploration.

Scattergood Reserve lies on the edge of St Helens Park and supports a range of habitats, these include endangered Shale-Sandstone Transition Forest and Ridgetop Sandstone Forest communities. This beautiful bushland supports an abundance of wildlife including koalas, possums, gliders and a host of birdlife.

The reserve's tracks and trails offer a variety of options for a walker or cyclist, including shorter loops through the woodlands on the ridge-top or longer routes that lead down to the Georges River or connect up with the adjacent trails to the Woolwash.

Council also has a regular volunteer bushcare group which helps improve the natural environment through activities such as weed management, litter removal and tree planting. If you would like to know more check out Scattergood Reserve Bushcare.


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