Road Safety Program

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Keeping you safe on our roads

We run Road Safety Programs to keep you safe and informed on our roads.

Road Safety Officer

We employ a Road Safety Officer to engage the community and bring attention to specific Road Safety issues.

Each year, in consultation with the Roads and Maritime Service, Transport for NSW, NSW Police Force and the community, we develop a Road Safety action plan to address these issues.

Safe systems approach to Road Safety

Our annual action plan uses the Safe Systems approach to Road Safety.

This approach considers at all aspects of the road environment to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to the road safety needs of our Community. The key objectives are:

  • Safe roads and roadsides
  • Safe speeds
  • Safe vehicles
  • Safe road use – road user behaviour

Reducing the impact of crashes

Ultimately this approach will create a road network that acknowledges human error as a factor in crashes, and works to reduce the severity of the crash and impact on the vehicle's occupants.

Need more information?

Contact our Road Safety Officer
Phone: 02 4645 4220

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