About Koalatown

Koala resting on a branch looking directly at the camera

Campbelltown is Koalatown

Koalatown aims to raise awareness and empower the community to actively support the conservation of koalas at their homes and in their neighbourhoods. Koalatown connects with local schools, businesses, residents, expert scientists, land managers and wildlife carers and targets key issues relating to koala health such as habitat conservation, disease prevention, vehicle strikes and dog attacks.

Message from the Mayor

Our objectives

  • To support the harmonious coexistence of the community with koalas
  • Ensure the long-term health and viability of a free ranging koala population within the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA)
  • Minimise koala deaths due to vehicle strike and domestic dog attacks
  • Increase community and public awareness through education programs promoting koala conservation.

What is Council doing as part of Koalatown?

Council has long been an advocate for the conservation of Campbelltown’s koala population. We have facilitated various events, projects, programs and campaigns to address key issues and threats to the health and long term viability of our koalas.

In 2018 we finalised our Draft Campbelltown Koala Plan of Management for the Campbelltown LGA. The plan sets a long term direction for conservation of our koalas through a range of strategic actions.

As part of Koalatown we have incorporated these actions as ensuring the long term health of our koala population is something that we cannot tackle alone – we need your help.

Koalatown key targets:

  • Establish a structure to inform decisions based on expert advice and best practice
  • Provide education and awareness about Campbelltown’s koala population
  • Empower the community to make changes in their day to day lives that benefit koalas
  • Conserve and restore koala habitat on both public and private land
  • Complete long term koala monitoring for population, distribution and overall health
  • Target key impacts to koalas such as habitat conservation, dog attacks and vehicle strikes
  • Support our passionate and dedicated wildlife carers.

How can the community help conserve Campbelltown's koalas?

Spread the word about Koalatown and Campbelltown’s koalas, tell your friends and family, share it on your social media pages – the more awareness about our koalas, the better.

More than 1,000 residents have already signed up to the Koalatown program and many joined in planting days at places like Ingleburn Reserve and Loftus Reserve to help plant koala food and habitat trees. 

Jump on board with Koalatown and join us in raising awareness and actively supporting the conservation of koalas in our community.