Bird Watching

Bird watching
Birdwatching at Freres Crossing, Kentlyn

Bird watching is an activity that brings nature to life.

Going bird watching is an adventure. It is great exercise and gets your stress levels down - you get away from the phone and the computer and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Make plans today to take the family out for a wonderful experience of bird watching.

Michael Ellison, Campbelltown Council Bushcare Officer, gives some tips in Episode 1 - Basin Birdwatching for Beginners.

Bird Identification Chart

There are a range of excellent bird guides to help you identify the birds you see. Check out A photo guide to birds from Western Sydney by Mark Fuller.

Best Locations for Birding in Campbelltown

  1. Long Point, Georges River
  2. Ingleburn Reserve
  3. Peter Meadows Creek at Waratah Rd, Kentlyn
  4. Bow Bowing Park, Minto
  5. Dharawal National Park
  6. Simmo's Beach Reserve
  7. Park Central, Campbelltown
  8. Kayess Park (Ingleburn)
  9. Scattergood Reserve NSW
  10. Smiths Creek Reserve
  11. Noorumba Reserve, Rosemeadow
  12. Maryfield Drive Reserve, Blair Athol
  13. Keith Longhurst Reserve, Kentlyn.

Bird in Backyards

The Top 40 Bird Songs are from bird calls mostly around Sydney. This collection from Fred Van Gessel will enable you to learn and identify these bird calls.

Participate in quizzes, find out about Birds in Schools, and many other projects.

Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia allows you to search for any species by name. The archive holds millions of records, including images, information and sound recordings. The Atlas of Living Australia can help you to find out where animals might live and you can join citizen science projects.

Off track ABC Radio national

Off Track by ABC Radio National focusses on recording animals in the wild. There are excellent programs you can listen to where scientists discuss the calls made by different animals. It can be calming to listen to their nature sound recordings.

Nature Soundmap

An incredible library of soundscapes with descriptions of animals within an ecosystem and landscape from Nature Soundmap.

Nature Track Podcast

Nature Track is a podcast by ABC Radio National which brings you sounds of the Australian wilderness.

BirdLife Australia

Check out BirdLife's collection of resources for different regions in NSW to help you identify birds, including this colourful poster.

Man birdwatching with binoculars in the bush