Freres Crossing

Freres Crossing Bridge

Discover some local history along with the natural beauty of this beautiful reserve on the gorgeous Georges River.

Freres Crossing lies in one of the loveliest sections of the Georges River Corridor in Campbelltown. The native bushland here consists of a variety of habitats, from the endangered Shale-Sandstone Transition Forest on the ridgetop through sandstone communities such as Apple-Blackbutt Gully Forest in the valley.

This forest is home to a wide range of wildlife. Our fauna includes a wealth of birdlife featuring many species of parrot, marsupials such as possums, gliders and wallabies, reptiles such as water skinks and water dragons and a host of insects.

From tiny orchids to mighty blackbutts there is also a wide variety of flora present, most notably including some impressive stands of Gymea lilies as you get closer to the river.

From the end of Freres road in Kentlyn you can walk or ride to the crossing down the line of the Old Coach Road - the original route that formed part of the 1917 highway connecting Campbelltown and Newcastle.

Council also has a regular volunteer bushcare group working in this area which helps improve the natural environment through activities such as weed management, litter removal and tree planting. If you would like to know more check out Kentlyn Bushcare

Additional Features

  • Freres Crossing Walking Trail: 1km one way. Loose rocky unsealed surface with steep sections. Includes some hills.


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