Air Con, Hot Water Systems, Swimming Pool and Spa Pumps Installation

During the hot months many people are thinking of installing air conditioners in your homes or constructing a swimming pool or spa that requires a pump to operate.

In addition, installing a hot water system to replace an existing unit or improve the hot water service throughout the house is also considered by many residents within the community as improvements to the dwelling.

The following is information on the planning rules that apply to air conditioners (A/C), Hot Water Systems, and Swimming Pool and Spa Pumps.

Planning rules

The installation of A/Cs, Hot Water Systems and Swimming Pool/Spa Pumps is regulated by the NSW state government planning policy called the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008:

Air-conditioning units (NSW legislation)

Hot water systems (NSW legislation)

Swimming pool /Spa pumps (NSW legislation)

Meet the criteria?

If you meet the criteria for A/Cs, Hot Water Systems or Swimming Pool /Spa Pumps under the provisions for 'Exempt Development' listed in that Codes SEPP then you can proceed with the installation without further approval required.

However, if you don't meet the criteria for Exempt Development then you will need to obtain planning approval.

Request planning approval

This can be either: