Key Employment Sectors

Doctors and nurses

Campbelltown City Council wants to foster innovation clusters in education, healthcare and other industries, and encourage the formation of high-growth ventures that commercialise discoveries in the region. This includes using undeveloped land to create innovation hubs that put Campbelltown at the forefront of the new economy.

Campbelltown features a mixed workforce, made up of both white and blue collar personnel across a diverse range of areas. With a Gross Regional Product of $8.39 billion as of 30 June 2022, Campbelltown has employment opportunities across a wide range of sectors which are drivers for future economic growth.

Advanced manufacturing

The manufacturing industry sector continues to be the largest employer in the area. Large scale manufacturing hubs are well-established in the suburbs of Minto and Ingleburn, making Campbelltown City one of the major manufacturing centres of metropolitan Sydney.

The rise of advanced manufacturing has allowed the sector to sustain itself through the global financial crisis. High-tech manufacturers are reinvigorating older parts of the city that have struggled with the slowdown of traditional manufacturing and are moving towards a greater degree of specialisation and niche manufacturing.

Health and community services

Western Sydney University has designated its Campbelltown campus as the Integrated Health Hub of the Western Sydney Innovation Corridor. The campus is home to the School of Medicine and specialises in a broad range of medical, nursing and health sciences.

Other health related industry sectors in the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA) include health care and social assistance, education and training. The health and allied services areas in particular are on the increase, due to the co-location of Western Sydney University, and Campbelltown Public and Private Hospitals within the Campbelltown City Centre.

Further employment is anticipated to be generated in the health and education field, based on the city's significant health and education assets and a growing regional population.

Construction and infrastructure development 

Campbelltown is a city under transformation, experiencing unprecedented population growth that will continue over the next 20 years. By 2041, we will be home to an estimated 275,000 people, and will service a region of more than 900,000 people - a population more than double the size of the Australian Capital Territory's existing population. 

To enable this growth, we're committed to building on existing services and infrastructure. We're driving change and innovation through the support and delivery of a number of exciting key projects within the city. Many of these projects have either recently been completed or are currently well underway. There's also a number of game-changing projects that are currently in the planning process. 

The delivery of these projects will stimulate our local economy and strengthen our capacity as the capital of the Macarthur region and a key strategic centre for western Sydney. 

In 2021/2022 the biggest industries in Campbelltown by Gross Value Added were:

  • Manufacturing - $1,053.5million
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance - $873million
  • Construction - $71.1million 

[Source: Economy ID]