Campbelltown Bicycle Plan

Children riding on bicycles

Campbelltown Bicycle Plan

We have a network of cycleways throughout Campbelltown, this includes both on road and off road paths. These cycleways provide both recreational and commuter links across our LGA.

We recognised the need to review the 2001 Bike Plan to ensure that Campbelltown has a comprehensive plan in place, to encourage cycling as a viable alternative transport mode to replace car-based trips and support active living in Campbelltown.

We commissioned consultants to review and evaluate existing strategies within the Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP). Completing a review of both the bicycle and pedestrian plan simultaneously provided consistency between the two overlapping networks, ultimately providing a consolidated transport network.

The Campbelltown Bicycle Plan(PDF, 7MB) is a report that details the findings and recommendations associated with the review, which seeks to improve the bike network within our LGA.