Resilient Assets

Our assets provide an invaluable resource to contribute to our city’s resilience and respond to our community’s evolving needs.

Our Resilience Hazard Assessment includes 7 Resilience Hazards that highlight the major risks our City is vulnerable to if we do not move our resilience dial.

One of the hazards identified in the Resilience Hazard Assessment is – ‘Our critical infrastructure is at risk of not keeping up with our changing community needs’.

To address this hazard, we are seeking to ensure that the infrastructure that supports our city is fit for tomorrow. For example, provision of solar to assist with growing energy demands.

Recognising the need to shift our view of our assets from fixed, stand-alone entities to flexible and adaptive solutions, we partnered with the City of Sydney, Resilient Sydney and AECOM to undertake an assessment of four asset classes.

This assessment will enable us to incorporate resilience into our Asset Management Plan to ensure that our assets:  

  • Contribute to building our community’s resilience
  • Are designed to support future needs
  • Are able to withstand shocks and support stresses
  • Are maintained for improvement, shifting away from like-for-like replacement
  • Optimise resilience dividends (when a range of net positive benefits are realised from an individual action).