Barking Dogs

Barking dog log now required
As part of our new procedure, you will be required to complete a barking dog log over a 3 week period after lodging a barking dog complaint. This will assist our Animal Control Ranger's in their investigating.

Barking is one way dogs communicate, but persistent barking can disturb neighbours and cause annoyance.

What can I do if my dog is barking?

  • Get feedback from as many neighbours as possible. If you are worried about talking to your neighbours have a look at the tips provided by the NSW EPA on dealing with barking dogs.
  • Ask your neighbours to contact you if your dog is barking for long periods. Knowing the times your dog barks will also help you work out the likely cause.
  • The RSPCA website has tips on controlling barking.
  • If you suspect a dog is being mistreated, contact an RSPCA inspector on 02 9770 7555.

How can I make a complaint about barking dogs?

If you are annoyed by the noise from your neighbour's dog, which for example is disrupting holding a conversation, watching television, listening to a radio or sleeping, there are several things you can do.

Talk to the dog's owner

Sometimes the issue of barking dogs can be resolved by speaking to the dog owner first.

  • Many owners are unaware their dog is creating a nuisance for others, especially if it is barking when they are not home. Letting your neighbour know their dog is barking early gives them the best chance to address the problem.
  • Once a person is made aware, most of the time they will take steps to fix the problem.
  • Understand there is no 'quick fix' for nuisance barking, and the issue may take some time for your neighbour to resolve.

Contact the Community Justice Centre

If the problem persists, you may also seek the assistance of the Community Justice Centre (CJC), phone 1800 990 777 for mediation.

The CJC is a government funded, independent centre that specialises in settling differences between neighbours through mediation without getting into complicated legal processes.

Report barking dogs to Council

If you have reported the issue to your neighbour and have not heard or seen a difference in the dogs behaviour, you can make a request to Council to investigate your barking dog complaint.

Report barking dog online

  • As part of our procedure, you will be required to complete a barking dog log over a 3 week period after lodging a barking dog complaint. This will assist our Community Response Officers in their investigating.
  • Council's investigation process forms part of a legal process and we must obtain sufficient information and evidence to confirm the existence of a nuisance.

Please note: Council keeps complete and comprehensive records in the event that legal action is taken. Personal information is only given out when it is directed by law to do so. See our privacy policy for more information.

Seek a Noise Abatement Order

You can take action independently of Council by seeking a Noise Abatement Order from the local court.