20 Million Trees - Strategic Koala Tree Planting Project

Campbelltown is home to a small, growing and healthy population of Koalas. This project seeks to increase and improve the area of Koala habitat within the local area to provide more resources for our Koalas as their population continues to expand.

About the Project

Council secured $85,000 in funding from the Commonwealth Governments 20 Million Trees Program to revegetate degraded land that is found within areas designated core Koala habitat within Campbelltown's Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management(PDF, 12MB). The project aims to increase the area of core Koala habitat by infilling four hectares of degraded land within the Georges River corridor with 15,000 trees. The replanting has been completed within Ingleburn Reserve and riparian areas within Macquarie Fields with ongoing maintenance scheduled for the next three years.

Progress to date

Stage 1 - Weed Control and slashing

Stage 1 of the project is now complete.

Our bush regeneration contractors have been hard at work controlling invasive weeds and slashing the areas to allow for planting. A large number of fallen wattles were also stockpiled to allow for improved access for planting.

Stage 2 - Fencing

Stage 2 of the project is now complete.

Our bush regeneration contractors have been hard at work installing fences and gates to control access to the planting areas.

Stage 3 - Planting

Our Contractors and Community have been hard at work planting more than 15,000 trees in the areas prepared for planting.

Stage 4 - Maintenance

Our trees are slowing growing in these degraded areas under hard conditions. The contractors are working hard to help them survive and replanting is being undertaken where needed.

Want to help us make a difference?

  • Get involved in the Koalatown initiative and make your home and suburb a koala-friendly place.
  • Stop by the Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre and visit the Koalatown Room. You can also pick up some great gifts crafted locally and purchase a koala-themed souvenir with all profits going to support Campbelltown's dedicated wildlife carers.
  • Become a Bushcare volunteer and come along to events to participate in activities like tree planting, erosion control, litter removal, weed management, and of course, wildlife spotting.

For further information regarding the 20 Million Trees - Strategic Koala Tree Replanting Project contact:

Council's Natural Areas Team
Phone: 02 4645 4490
Email: open.space@campbelltown.nsw.gov.au