Boarding Houses

We inspect boarding houses to make sure they are safe and authorised.

Register your boarding house

NSW Boarding House Register

Boarding houses must be registered on the NSW Fair Trading Boarding House Register. The register is a list of public general and assisted boarding houses that contains information about:

  • The name and address of the boarding house
  • The boarding house proprietor
  • Whether the boarding house is a general house or an assisted boarding house
  • The local Council areas in which the boarding house is located.

To search the Register, go to the NSW Fair Training accommodation registers page.

Register your boarding house with Council

All boarding houses in Campbelltown must be registered with NSW Fair Trading and Campbelltown City Council before occupancy of the premises occurs.

Register boarding house with Council(PDF, 220KB)

The boarding house must comply (where relevant) with the following Acts and Regulations:

The NSW Fair Trading Boarding houses website provides more information about what is a registrable boarding house?


Our Environmental Health Officers inspect boarding houses in Campbelltown to ensure safety, and accommodation standards in existing boarding houses.

We also investigate reports from the community, which may involve conducting additional inspections.

If a boarding house is not authorised, or has unauthorised development, we may fine operators and order them to meet building, safety and accommodation standards.

Reporting an issue with a boarding house

If you have concerns about a boarding house or would like to report an illegal boarding house:

  • Contact our Customer Service team on 02 4645 4000
  • Please supply as much detail as possible
  • This helps us to investigate your issue quickly and thoroughly.