An application is required under Section 68 of the Local Government Act for Type A (fence) and Type B (overhead) Hoardings.

Campbelltown City Council does not have a policy on hoardings and assesses each application on its merits.

The following information is required with any application for a Hoarding:

  • A completed Development Application form ;
  • A site plan drawn at a scale of 1:100 showing all footpath detail and the hoarding location;
  • Architectural plans of the hoarding (sections and elevations) at a scale of 1:100;
  • Construction details including plans endorsed by a practicing structural engineer (type B hoardings);
  • Plans of proposed lighting;
  • A statement of the length of time the hoarding will be installed as well as the nature of the works;
  • Traffic control plan for pedestrians prepared by a certified RTA approved person (if applicable);
  • Details of any proposed use of the footpath or road adjacent to the hoarding (including traffic management plans where necessary);
  • Evidence of public liability insurance indemnifying Campbelltown City Council;
  • Payment of hoarding fees + two Council inspections (Application fees);
  • Payment of long service levy if value of hoarding works exceeds $ 25,000 (where not covered by the overall project long service levy).