Local Strategic Planning Statement


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The Campbelltown Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) has been made. It came into effect on 31 March 2020.

The LSPS is Campbelltown City Council's plan for our community's social, environmental and economic land use needs over the next 20 years.

The LSPS provides context and direction for land use decision making within the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA).

Its purpose is to:

  • Provide a 20 year land use vision for the Campbelltown LGA
  • Outline the characteristics that make our city special
  • Identify shared values to be enhanced or maintained
  • Direct how future growth and change will be managed
  • Prioritise changes to planning rules in the Local Environmental Plan (Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015) and Council's Development Control Plans
  • Implement the Region and District Plans as relevant to the Campbelltown LGA
  • Identify where further detailed strategic planning may be needed.

It responds to region and district planning initiatives and to what you, our community, has told us is important for the future of our city. The public exhibition of the Draft LSPS provided an opportunity for our community and key stakeholders to provide feedback. Consultation with Government Departments and Agencies, and the Greater Sydney Commission was also undertaken to ensure alignment with other planning initiatives and priorities for Greater Sydney.

It sets planning priorities to ensure that our LGA can thrive both now and in the future, and that future development is appropriate for our local context. It is our plan aimed at ensuring that our people have a great city in which to live, work and play; that businesses and visitors have a great place to invest and experience; and that we continue to work towards our goal of being a world class contemporary city of choice and opportunity, that respects its heritage and culture, and is nestled within a green and beautiful natural environment.

The priorities and actions aim to ensure that we can plan for what is needed in the future – that we have a choice of well designed housing, a diverse array of high quality jobs, and the infrastructure, facilities and services to provide for the needs of our vibrant and thriving community.

Our Vision

Our Vision was developed based on the information Council received through wide-ranging consultation. This consultation included feedback received during the public exhibition of the Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement in 2019, and earlier extensive engagement throughout the development of Campbelltown's Community Strategic Plan and other earlier Council projects. Your local representatives also had significant input into drafting this Vision.

Aerial view of Campbelltown CBD

Campbelltown – the Lifestyle Capital

Campbelltown City is Sydney's lifestyle capital – a distinctive destination of high amenity nestled within a natural and historic cultural landscape. It is a place where city meets country and where people choose to live, work, play, invest and visit because quality of life is second to none.

It is a green, well connected, technology smart, contemporary, efficient and resilient city with vibrant centres, high liveability, a productive internationally recognised economy and a protected and respected natural environment.

As one of Sydney's key metropolitan centres and an economic power house, the Campbelltown City Centre is a focus of economic activity and employment, with flourishing day and night time economies. The City Centre is a leading higher order education, culture and arts, and health and sports hub of international significance, providing a platform for growth in knowledge jobs, tertiary level education and medical services for local, district and regional communities. It leverages opportunities in the national and international arenas via the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

Combined with thriving local and neighbourhood centres and industrial lands, the Greater City Centre, complemented by major centres such as Ingleburn, provides diverse areas of retail, business and industrial opportunities that support the economy and cater to a variety of needs. These attributes position Campbelltown as the Macarthur Region's heart, functioning as the 30 minute city for people of this prosperous area by meeting the higher order employment, service and facility needs of the Macarthur, Sydney's Outer South West and the regional areas south of Sydney – a major corridor that accommodates significant recent growth. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the world class connectivity, facilities and services that our city provides.

Campbelltown is the Southern Gateway to Sydney, with direct connectivity and accessibility to the Western Sydney International Airport, the Aerotropolis, the Illawarra, the Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Canberra, and the complementary metropolitan centres of Liverpool and Penrith.

Campbelltown's people are its most important asset. As a world class City, this is evidenced through the broad offering of choice and diversity in well planned housing and lifestyle options and the extensive range of opportunities to participate in the arts, culture, sport, learning, entertainment and both active and passive recreation pursuits to the highest of levels. It is a genuinely harmonious place where Indigenous, European and broader multi cultural influences and elements blend to create our unique and defining culture. The City's heritage foundations are reflected in its architecture, the important places of its Traditional Custodians, the Dharawal people, and the long standing celebrations that exemplify the positive attributes of its people and their various and diverse cultures.

Campbelltown is known widely as a growing, changing, busy and friendly city, with buildings and public spaces that respect people and place, and one that embraces the natural environmental character that we are identified for and our community has come to cherish.

Campbelltown is proud to be Sydney's most desirable and prosperous city in its own right.