Trail Bike Riding

Motorbike riding is a popular leisure activity, both on and off road, however there are strict rules in place about where you can ride them.

Trail bikes in Council parks and nature areas

Riding trail bikes is prohibited in all Council recreational parks and natural bushland reserves. This activity is hazardous and may place others using these areas at risk of injury or cause damage to the environment.

Report illegal motorbike activity

Rangers are limited in their capacity to effectively control illegal trail bike riding as they have no authority to stop, detain or pursue offending trail bike riders.

Council encourages the community to report incidences of dangerous and noisy trail bikes directly to the police:

When reporting please provide the operator with as much information as possible including:

  • The location
  • Date and time
  • Motorbike colour/ registration plate details
  • Rider description/ helmet colour
  • Where they may have originated from. 

Where can you ride?

The Motorcycle Council of NSW website has information about Riding Parks/Circuits and finding a place to ride.