Sports Ground Status

Get the latest information about any sports ground closures in Campbelltown

During periods of wet weather we will determine the status of sports grounds across the Local Government Area (LGA). The purpose of this is to prevent excessive wear and tear which can be compounded in wet weather.

Sports ground statuses

Campbelltown City Council has the following three statuses in relation to our sports fields:

The field is available for use by all hirers.

The field cannot be used by any hirers.

All hirers must use your discretion as to the individual grounds’ suitability for use with regards to safety, possible damage. Ensuring that the grounds are left in the best possible condition.

Wet weather

Wet weather ground closures do not impact Campbelltown Athletics CentreLynwood Synthetic or Coronation Park Netball Complex as these are all-weather facilities.

What's the current sports ground status?

Last updated: Friday 21 June 2024 at 3:00 pm

Next update: Monday 24 June 2024 at 2:00 pm


Sports grounds                             Status          Comments
Bensley Reserve Conditional
Blinman Oval Conditional  
Bob Prenter Reserve Managed by Club.
Caley Reserve Conditional
Flinders Field Conditional
Hazlett Oval Conditional
James Meehan Oval Conditional
Kennett Park Conditional
Kooringa Reserve Conditional
Macquarie Fields Park Conditional

Macquarie Road Reserve Conditional
Memorial Oval No.1 Conditional
Memorial Oval No.2 Conditional
Milton Park (Rugby League) Conditional
Milton Park (Softball) Conditional
Seddon Park Conditional
Stromeferry Reserve Conditional
Wood Park Conditional


Sports grounds                                              Status        Comments
Benham Oval Conditional
Clark Reserve Conditional
Coronation Park Netball Open Facility not impacted by wet weather.
Coronation Park Soccer Conditional
Davis Park Conditional
Eagle Creek Reserve Conditional
Eschol Park Basin 1 (Rugby League) Conditional
Eschol Park Basin 2 Conditional
Eschol Park Basin 3 Conditional
Fullwood (Soccer) Conditional
Fullwood (Rugby League) Conditional
Jackson Oval No.1 Conditional
Jackson Park (Fields 2 - 4) Conditional
Kayess Park Conditional
Kentlyn Reserve Conditional
Raby Sports Complex Conditional
Sarah Redfern Playing Fields Conditional
Victoria Park (Oztag) Conditional
Victoria Park (Cricket) Conditional



Sports grounds                                                    Status       Comments
Ambarvale Sports Complex Conditional
Bradbury Oval No.1 Conditional
Bradbury Oval No.2 Conditional
Campbelltown Sportsground No.1 Conditional
Campbelltown Showground No.2 Conditional
Gilchrist Oval Conditional
Haydon Park Conditional
Hurley Park Conditional
Lynwood Park Synthetic Open Facility not impacted by wet weather.
Lynwood Park 2, 3 & 4 Conditional
Manooka Reserve Conditional
Oswald Reserve Conditional
Riley Park Conditional
Rosemeadow Sports Complex Conditional
St Helen's Park (Mary Brooks Baseball) Conditional
Thomas Acres Reserve Conditional
Waminda Oval No.1 Conditional
Waminda Oval No.2 Conditional
Woodlands Road Baseball Conditional
 Worrell Park and Larry Peck Oval Conditional