Sport and Recreation Strategy

An aerial view of Lynwood Park 

The purpose of the Campbelltown City Council Sport and Recreation Strategy (2016 - 2036)(PDF, 10MB) is to provide a comprehensive and prioritised plan for the future development and management of sport and recreation facilities across Campbelltown City to 2036.

The strategy covers sport, recreation, leisure and aquatics, and includes an audit of current facilities, sets out what the needs of the community will be in five, 10 and 20 years, and what facilities will be required to meet those needs.

It also provides criteria to guide the allocation of resources and funding, and identifies potential sites and a hierarchy of sport and recreation facilities to enable a broad range of opportunities locally.

How was the Strategy developed

Council engaged sport and leisure planning consultants, Otium Planning Group, to assist in creating the strategy, providing a community plan and planning mechanism.

Strategy Implementation

The Strategy will now be used as the primary planning document for the provision of sport and recreation infrastructure and services to the Campbelltown community. Recommendations in regards to infrastructure upgrades and provision will be addressed over the coming years with a view to provide the Campbelltown community with contemporary and fit for purpose sporting facilities.

For further information on the strategy, call Council’s Sport and Recreation Coordinator on 02 4645 4679.