Creative Campbelltown Cultural Strategy 2024-2030

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Arts, Culture and Creativity

Campbelltown is a place where culture thrives every day, and creativity permeates every aspect of our existence. 

This document presents the first Cultural Strategy for Campbelltown and aims to guide Campbelltown City Council’s investment in arts and culture over the next 6 years. 

Creative Campbelltown 2024-2030 serves as a testament to our deep acknowledgement of the pivotal role that arts and culture play in shaping a city that is where people want to live, work and play

Our Vision

By 2030, we will be a vibrant and thriving community where arts, culture and creativity enriches, empowers, and plays an essential role in the growth of our city. 

Focus Areas

Our vision will be realised through four focus areas, each of which has underlying goals that we want to achieve by 2030. 

1. Identity

2. Creativity

3. Experience

4. Creative Economy

Read theCreative Campbelltown Cultural Strategy 2024 - 2030(PDF, 43MB)