Smiths Creek Reserve

Smiths Creek Reserve - Leumeah

A large bushland reserve that is an important wildlife corridor running through the heart of Campbelltown. Great for bushwalking along the tracks, you may even spot koalas sleeping among the trees.

Smiths Creek Reserve is an important linear reserve that runs from Campbelltown to Leumeah. It supports a substantial remnant of endangered Shale-Sandstone Transition Forest which is home to a range of threatened wildlife such as koalas and gang-gang cockatoos. Remember to always keep dogs leashed in bushland areas. 

Tracks running up either side of the reserve are linked by cross trails, together providing a network of short and long walking options for the visitor.

Council also has a regular volunteer bushcare group which helps improve the natural environment through activities such as weed management, litter removal and tree planting. If you would like to know more check out the link to Smiths Creek Bushcare.

Riding trail bikes is prohibited in all Council recreational parks and natural bushland reserves. This activity is hazardous and may place others using these areas at risk of injury or cause damage to the environment.

Report illegal motorbike activity

Rangers are limited in their capacity to effectively control illegal trail bike riding as they have no authority to stop, detain or pursue offending trail bike riders.

Council encourages the community to report incidences of dangerous and noisy trail bikes directly to the police:

When reporting please provide the operator with as much information as possible including:

  • The location
  • Date and time
  • Motorbike colour/ registration plate details
  • Rider description/ helmet colour
  • Where they may have originated from.

Alternatively you can report illegal trail bike riding in Council parks and natural areas:

Where can you ride?

The Motorcycle Council of NSW website has information about Riding Parks/Circuits and finding a place to ride.

Projects happening within the reserve 

Smiths Creek Reserve 'Enhancing Koala Habitat' Project, over a decade of restoring urban koala lineages in Smiths Creek 2011-2023

Campbelltown City Council under the Weed Action Plan & Waste and Sustainability Improvement Plan begun works at Smiths Creek, Ruse in 2011, targeting the removal of listed Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) and other Priority Weed species and habitat restoration project within core koala habitat.

From 2013-2023 supported by funding from Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GSLLS), Campbelltown Council has had an ongoing habitat restoration project.

Together through the engagement of bush regeneration contractors, this has seen the restoration of bushland across approximately 26.1ha and 6.7km of creek-line.

The project has also seen the establishment of a regular bushcare group that has contributed 549 hours, planted 4750 plants and removed invasive weeds and rubbish across 2ha of the reserve. In addition, the ongoing project has engaged three local schools in four environmental programs and 279 community engagements through four native planting days and 11 free community guided bush-walks.

Places to Roam - Smith's Creek Trail Improvement

Council has received grant funding under the NSW Government Places to Roam funding program to improve recreation outcomes for the community and reduce impacts on the environment.

We're wanting to make improvements to walking trails and signage to help visitors access trails throughout Smiths Creek Reserve.

To reduce vehicle access to our largest urban bushland reserve, we'll be installing new gates and other barriers, at key points across the reserve.

These works aim to improve the walking experience for people, while also protecting plant and animal habitat.

The proposed works include:

  • Trail improvements: Upgrades to fire trails and walking trails including improvements to pathways and drainage to reduce impact on the environment and improve access as well as a new 580 metre green-link trail linking the Leumeah Precinct to Smiths Creek through the Leumeah Scout Hall. See the proposed trail improvements.
  • New wayfinding signage: New signage at major entry points as well as trail markers to improve wayfinding.
  • Vehicle mitigation: Installation of new gates and vehicle mitigation measures such as fencing and barriers, at key points across the reserve. This aims to increase community safety and reduce environmental impacts of illegal trail bike use which is prohibited in all Council recreational parks and natural bushland reserves.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Campbelltown City Council. 




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