Decarbonising Our Fleet


The last largest transformation in our transport system was 100 years ago when we transitioned from the horse and cart to the car. We are now experiencing a new phase of disruption in transport.

Petrol and diesel vehicles, also known as internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, are large contributors to our daily emissions. In order to meet our bold commitment to transition our operations to net zero carbon emissions, we have developed a Decarbonising Our Fleet Strategy. The strategy will see us transition our passenger vehicle fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2029.

Policy and investment from both the NSW and Federal Government are encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles. They are providing some financial concessions on motor tax and fringe tax benefits, and improving the public charging network.   

The electric vehicle revolution isn’t just the future, it is here right now, and we are charged to be a part of it!

Check out our EV Factsheet(PDF, 1MB) to learn all you need to know to join the revolution with us.