City Identity and Branding FAQs


Our new identity and brand launched in August 2019. Between February and July 2019, we worked with our community to develop a compelling and consistent brand for Campbelltown to help position the city as a destination of choice to live, work and do business.

Why did we need a City Identity and Brand Strategy?

The new brand is an honest representation of life in Campbelltown. It promotes our natural landscape, straight forward people, connectivity, culture and the way we do business.

The community told us negative perceptions were limiting our potential, so we created an identity that represents what it truly means to live in Campbelltown.

The time is right for our community to tell its own story within the changing Western Sydney landscape.

Why is a city identity important?

  • It builds pride – people are proud to call Campbelltown home, to set up a business here, to visit here.
  • It raises our profile – businesses want to expand here, investors want to grow here, new residents are attracted.
  • It gives us the tools to change perceptions of Campbelltown.

Our brand is how you make people feel - it’s everything that you do and say, it’s your identity. We want to build brand authenticity and trust with everyone we come into contact with.

Is it more than just a logo?

A logo is just one small part of the end result.

The project has created a new narrative for the city which is unique and easily identified as Campbelltown. It is an honest representation of our people and businesses, it challenges the status quo, revives confidence and showcases the pride we all have in Campbelltown:

  • Our purpose (our why): to inspire a sense of possibility
  • Our promise (what people should expect to experience): opportunity comes to life
  • Our personality (how we leave people feeling about us): wide open, straight up, onto it
  • Our voice (how we talk): warm, direct, active

How long did the project take to complete?

We started this phase of our rebrand journey in February 2019 and it was approved by our Councillors on 6 August 2019.

How did the community shape our brand?

More than 1000 people told us about their lived experience of Campbelltown through workshops, focus groups, interviews and surveys.

The development of a community-led brand provides a visual identity that reflects how people feel about our city and their aspirations.

When will we start to see the new brand?

It will make its first public appearance on 21 August 2019.

How will the brand be rolled out?

Changes will be seen through colours, photography and illustrations, as well as the language we use in publications, online and in presentations.

It will influence how we connect with our communities, customers and audiences, how we recruit new staff and how we celebrate and build on our cultural identity.

What does the new logo symbolise?

The logo represents the city as a meeting place for people from around the globe, coming together to welcome and inspire each other, and then bringing their own opportunities to life.

It shares its inspiration with this Dharawal land, through its linkages to the natural environment and its spiritual connection to the place and its surroundings.

The stylised ‘C’ represents a city bursting with potential and how people from all walks of life can come together to create opportunity in many shapes and forms.

Who made the final decision on the brand?

The engagement process ensured that changes were made as the project progressed and those who engaged with the project could see how their input was used to develop the identity.

A number of design options were developed and then refined, with the final decision endorsed by Councillors on 6 August 2019.

Will the coat-of-arms still be used?

The coat-of-arms will be used for formal occasions, such as on certificates for citizenship ceremonies.

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How will this impact me as a rate payer?

The project was funded in our annual operating budget and will be implemented as part of the replenishment program.

For example, street signs will be gradually replaced in accordance with the existing program, and print material will be updated as reprints are needed.

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How will the change be communicated to the community?

The new visual identity will appear through our communication channels such as media releases, online (website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), letters, brochures and signage.

The brand will also relate to how our staff interact with everyone.