About Council Meetings

Our Councillors meet regularly to make decisions about policies, services and important issues that affect Campbelltown.

Council Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Council meetings have returned to Council Chambers.

Council meetings are livestreamed. A recording of the meeting is available online the following day for on-demand viewing.

Meeting schedule

Council operates on a four weekly, with meetings held on Tuesday evenings:

Week Meeting type
1 Briefings
2 Council Meeting
3 Briefings
4 Briefings

Download meeting calendar(PDF, 53KB) for scheduled meeting dates.


On briefing evenings Councillors are given the opportunity to undertake site visits and are also briefed by Council staff and community representatives regarding issues that are likely to be presented to Council in the near future.

Council Meeting

Council holds its meetings on Tuesday, in week 2 of the meeting cycle from 6:30pm.

Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the adopted Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 229KB).

  • Councillors review the officer's reports and recommendations and will make decisions on all issues listed on the current agenda.
  • The Council may adopt the recommendation of the officer, amend the recommendation, determine a completely different course of action, defer the matter for an inspection and further consideration at another meeting or decline to pursue any course of action.
  • The General Manager and members of the Executive Team also attend the meetings to provide information or advice when called upon by the Councillors.

Agenda items

Agenda items and business papers for the upcoming Council meeting are made available online in PDF format from 4pm on the Tuesday prior to each Council meeting.

  • Hard copies of the agendas are available upon request. Please email our customer service team at council@campbelltown.nsw.gov.au.
  • To access documents not available on the website that are distributed under separate cover please contact Council's Manager Governance and Risk on 02 4645 4320.

Business Paper attachments

Attachments (included in the business paper)

The attachment is contained within the report and available online and in hard copy at Council’s Civic Centre and local libraries.

Attachments (distributed under separate cover)

The attachment may be viewed on request by members of the public by contacting Council’s Manager Governance and Risk on 02 4645 4320.

Attachments (confidential)

The attachment is not available to members of the public due to the confidential nature of the information and a reason why the attachment is confidential will be listed on the report.