How we got here

Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre aims to kick start new employment and investment by attracting and supporting the next generation of jobs, homes and lifestyle, and create Australia 's greenest and most sustainable city.

While planning for economic growth and sustainability, we envision Campbelltown to become a 30-minute city with improved connectivity.

Phase 1 - Consultation and engagement

The first phase of Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre commenced late 2017 following an intensive tendering process, in which a consortium of world class consultants were successful. This consortium was lead by economic development specialists, Deloitte and included technical experts in transport and infrastructure (Jacobs), sustainability (Kinesis), strategic and structure planning and urban design (Cox Architecture).

Phase 1 of the project to develop the vision involved a series of engagement events with community members and stakeholders to find out what the community most value and want to see in the future.

Reimagining Campbelltown CBD - Sydney's Southern Gateway Vision(PDF, 53MB)

Reimagining Campbelltown Vision Document Covers

  • This was informed using the aspirations expressed during a multitude of stakeholder workshops, one-on-one meetings, and from the previous extensive consultation process undertaken with our community, as part of the development of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP).
  • The results of the CSP engagement were fundamental to the development of the draft vision. The community's goals and aspirations for the City Centre from this engagement were used to inform stakeholder workshops and were elaborated on to reach the final vision.

A full description of all engagement activities from Phase 1 including an in-depth analysis of surveys and submissions can be found in the Engagement Summary Report - Reimagining Campbelltown CBD(PDF, 5MB).

Phase 2 - Developing the Master Plan

The community told us that they want to create a centre of opportunity across health and education to drive new jobs, no grey to be seen in and around the city centre and want to create 'the good life ' a diverse city we are proud of. We listened and worked collaboratively with the local resident and business community, partners across government, and private industry, to refine our approach and develop the Master Plan.

Summary of engagement outcomes(PDF, 7MB)

Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan Covers

You will see in the Master Plan that these key items have been addressed:

  • The Master Plan could provide more than three times as many jobs per hectare as there was in 2016, boosting collaboration and driving economic growth.
  • The Master Plan could increase the tree canopy cover from 6% of the City Centre to 40%.
  • The Master Plan will deliver vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods.

The Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan(PDF, 44MB) is a lengthy document, it takes time to digest. We have also prepared a Summary Document(PDF, 14MB) to assist.

Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre, delivered together with the Greater Sydney Commission 's Campbelltown-Macarthur Place Strategy, harnesses the passion, knowledge and aspirations of the Campbelltown community, industry, stakeholders and Government agencies to shape the future of the city.

Stay informed

Learn more about our vision in our Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre(PDF, 569KB) booklet.

Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Booklet Cover

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