Tender FAQs

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Can I lodge my tender via email?

No, however you can lodge your tender electronically on the Tenderlink portal.

What if I don't lodge my tender response online before the closing time?

Your tender will not be considered by us.

Can I check to see who has been the successful tenderer?

Yes. We publish the successful tenderer information on our website under the recently awarded category.

Does Council have a preferred supplier list?

No. We do not have a preferred supplier list.

Can I talk to Councillors and Council staff about the tender?

No. It is not permitted and may result in disqualification from the tender process. You can contact the Procurement and Contracts team on 02 4645 4402.

Do I need an ABN?

All individuals and organisations lodging tenders with us must have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Do I have to answer all the questions in the Request for Tender document?

The Response Form in the Request for Tender document are intended to ensure that all tenders received are equally evaluated.

If your tender is accepted, the information in your tender forms part of the contract. If you do not answer all Response Forms, it may result in your tender being considered as non-conforming.

Can I submit a non-conforming tender?

If you would like to submit a non-conforming tender, you must submit a conforming tender and clearly identify the differences between the conforming and non-conforming tender.

A tender is non-conforming when the Returnable Schedules have not been completed as per our requirements.

Can I negotiate the contract if I am awarded the tender?

No. There is no opportunity to negotiate the contract after your tender has been accepted. If you would like to offer alternate terms, you must submit them in full as part of your tender.

How is best value determined?

Best value is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, initial cost, quality, reliability, whole of life running costs and/or timeliness. We consider "value for money" rather than "lowest costs".

What happens after the tender closes?

We will review every tender received on time and evaluate them against the criteria detailed in the Request for Tender document.

You will be advised in writing of the result. This process may take up to three months.

Where do I get help or advice?

All enquiries following the purchase of the Request for Tender documentation is made on the Tenderlink online forum.

All other enquiries can be made by contacting the Procurement and Contracts team on 02 4645 4402.